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How to get up

If you wouldn’t fall, you’d never learn how to get up.  When you are falling, let your heart be filled with joy, because the One, the Only One, is teaching you to get up.  ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach zt”l

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I am Here Standing Before You – {Song}

The words below are holy, but when you hear it sung over and over in this holy niggun, trust me, it will penetrate the neshama and bring you to another level.  “Hashem says to his children I will conceal myself … Continue reading

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Best of Intentions

“Sometimes it happens that you set out to do something with the best of intentions — and you end up with what appears the opposite. Know with absolute certainty — because this is a tradition of our sages — that if your true … Continue reading

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Down to Nothing

When you’re down to nothing, Hashem is up to something.

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Things Could Be Worse

I was sad for I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet!

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It Doesn’t Come Easy

There are many things that are expected of us… You can’t just say you have [faith] already as an inheritance. You don’t have any thing as an inheritance. You must work at experiential faith, to create a feeling of “Da lifnai mi … Continue reading

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A New Opportunity

If trouble comes upon you and you think that it has come as a punishment for a past lapse, do not be filled with guilt and despair.  Rather, rejoice in this new opportunity to rise up by the medium of … Continue reading

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