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Mi Shemaamin – מי שמאמין – He Who Believes

I haven’t posted a song in a while and want to start the week on a high.  I can’t think of anything greater than watching our holy soldiers in Israel sing and dance like they did before entering battle in … Continue reading

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Faith is not certainty.  It is the courage to live with uncertainty.  ~ R’ Lord Jonathan Sacks

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Fight and Win

The more you want to serve G-d, the more the Evil One (yeitzer hara) strives against you.  If you realize this, you can fight him with strategy and continually defeat him.  With G-d’s help, you will be worthy of emerging … Continue reading

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To fulfill the mitzvah of bitachon (trusting Hashem) is to know that whatever happens is being done by Hashem for a kindly purpose. You may not know what that purpose is; it make take years to discover; it might be necessary to go to the … Continue reading

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Shines as it melts

A candle’s light shines as its wax melts. So too, a person’s light shines as he overcomes the desires of his body.

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Retirement Plan

“Working for Hashem on earth does not usually pay much, but His retirement plan is out of this world!”

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“Believing in G-d means believing G-d believes in Me.” ~ R’ Shlomo Katz

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