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If life is like a marathon, then a doubt in faith is like a pebble in your shoe. ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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Does Hashem care about little things? 

Try to call out [to Hashem] at every opportunity. Let’s say you’re going somewhere; if you say a short prayer you shouldn’t miss the bus, Hashem will love you for that. If you say, “I won’t bother him for such … Continue reading

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Constant Testing

We know that Hashem is constantly testing us. Not merely testing if we’ll choose between good and bad; but to see whether we’ll choose to see and recognize the ways of Hashem, or if we will choose to be blind and to … Continue reading

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Our Wishes

Hashem is more than happy to give us our heart’s wishes — but only on condition that they’re good for us. ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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Through silence a person merits trusting in God. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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Born to Succeed

Before your soul descended to this world, it was determined she would succeed. ~ R’ Tzvi Freeman – The tefillah I quoted yesterday is “Kivakaras Roeh” from Mussaf on Rosh Hashanah

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A Breeze

Everything is by Divine Providence. If a leaf is turned over by a breeze, it is only because this has been specifically ordained by G-d to serve a particular function within the purpose of creation. ~ The Baal Shem Tov … Continue reading

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