Please note, I am not the author of any of the quotes that are posted on this site, but simply sharing quotes and thoughts from various seforim which I have come across.   Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the content, you are encouraged to comment on it, with the hope that your questions will be answered on this site.

Furthermore, this site is not affiliated with R’ David Ashear.  If you are looking to sign up for R’ Ashear’s emails, please sign up on his website which could be found at www.livingemunah.com

4 Responses to Disclaimer

  1. David Ashear says:

    hi sorry for the inconvenience of getting mixed up with my email. Just as a note the website never panned out if somebody wants to receive emuna daily emails from r ashear they would have to send an email to emunadaily@gmail.com with a request to subscribe. Thank you again for being so considerate

  2. David Ashear says:

    Hi. This is David Ashear. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to clarifying where my emails come from. Recently I have changed the name from emuna daily to livingemunah and the new way to subscribe is to sign up @livingemunah.com.If it wouldn’t be too much trouble to change it on your site would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!

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