This site was created to share uplifting Jewish quotes and thoughts, primarily on the topics of emuna (the pure and complete faith in Hashem), shalom bayis (marital bliss), shmiras halashon (guarding your speech), prayer and spirituality.   These topics are heavily discussed in the book that inspired me to start this site, The Garden of Emuna, by Rabbi Shalom Arush, translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody.   Like so many others, I have been truly inspired by their work.   I agree with one reader who remarked “My life is divided into two parts – before I read The Garden of Emuna and after I read The Garden of Emuna.”

I have noticed that there is nothing better for my soul than the discussion of these topics and the constant reminders of their importance.   By sharing a quote or thought with you each day on these topics, my hope is to inspire and be inspired.  Therefore, I encourage you all to leave comments, and by doing so, bring us all closer to Hashem.

If you come across a spiritually uplifting quote that is appropriate for this site and would like it to be posted, please click on the “Guest Quotes” page listed above or email them to me at emunadaily365@gmail.com

Lastly, I have the utmost respect for R’ David Ashear, but this site is not affiliated with him. He can be reached at emunadaily@gmail.com

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  1. Avi Popack says:

    Hello Jeremy,
    I love your idea of taking these emails to another level by having all who enjoy, share their personal expirences with concepts in Emuna.
    Many of us have moments of inspiration where we feel that anything is possible. We feel encouraged and connected and it seems that nothing can stop us. We develop gratitude and appreciate all the wonderful things we have in our lives. But then something happens that causes us to forget. We get distracted by “things in life” that cause us heartache and we lose our focus. From personal expirence i feel that these are the times where we should strengthen our emuna and turn to Hashem and say Thank you- Thank you for giving me this opprotunity to develop myself and connect with you and ask you for my needs.
    Many of us ask how can this happen to me. I do right., i take care of my family, i give charity, i am generally a good person, so why is this difficulty happening to me??
    The truth is that what one needs to come to terms with in life is that we are not here to live life on “easy lane” without apparent difficulties. The so called difficulties enable us all to grow and develop ourselves. These are situations where we feel up against the wall and Hashem seems to be the only option.
    We would not have even thought to turn to Hashem if not for this difficulty.
    We all need to utilize our minds to come to terms with that reality.
    We all have free choice on how to respond to everything in life- My blessing to us all is that we should respond in a way that gives us all strength and hope and a deeper and more meaningful realtionship with Hashem.
    Thank you!
    Avi Popack

  2. Avi says:

    I made a comment with my email @-fidelity-payment.com. It’s being used by other sites to pull my email address. can you remove the comment please?

    • Emuna Daily says:

      Can you send me a link to where you made the comment so I can delete it? Or you can send me the title or date it was posted so i can search it that way? I will also delete these comments once we straighten this out.

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  5. Shalom u’vrocho,

    My name is Aryeh Goldman. I have a whatsapp group where I share 100 words of chizuk every day. You see my content on 100wordsofchizuk.com

    Could I kindly request that you add this to your whatsapp links.

    Thank you and a kesiva vchasima toiva.

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