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Each of us are Unique

“Just as people’s faces don’t resemble each other, so too their thought processes don’t resemble each other.” (Bamidbar Rabbah 21:2) “The Beis Yisrael, Rabbi Yisrael Alter of Ger, commented on the above Aggadic teaching, saying that one should accept differences … Continue reading

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Trusting Anyone other than Hashem

“How unfortunate are those who turn to flesh and blood for relief!  When someone trusts anything or anyone other than Hashem, Hashem turns away from that person, leaving him or her at the mercy of the futile object of their … Continue reading

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“When a person is feeling joy, he will be able to gain more from one hour of Torah study than from many hours of study while he is sad.” R’ Chaim Volozhiner zt”l as quoted in Torah Tavlin

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The Cause

Whenever a person incurs a loss, he should examine his own dealings in his search for the cause. ~ From the teachings of the Chofetz Chaim

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“One who really cares is not placated by the fact that he has a good excuse.  If the goal was not achieved, it was not achieved — regardless of the excuse.” ~ Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman

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May I never fall into the hands of others!

“King David, when faced with a choice between falling into the hands of a human with free choice and falling at the mercy of Hashem, said (Samuel II 24:14) ‘Let us fall into the hand of Hashem, for His mercies … Continue reading

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“Do teshuva one day before you die” ~ R’ Eliezer in Mishnah Avos and Gemara Shabbos

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