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Where Your Life Really Is

The past is only memories. The future is but illusory hopes. Focus on the present. For that is where you your life really is. And it consists only of tests.  ~ Michtav MaiEliyahu

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You Can Do This!

It has been tried and proven that refraining from lashon hara is difficult only for a few weeks, until one has become accustomed to this good habit. ~ Shmiras Halashon

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Physical Pleasures

Physical pleasures, more than they nourish the heart, they nourish the eye of one’s fellow. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe

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Alive and Real

Hashem is alive and real….all the money is His, all the healing is His, He can literally do everything, just talk to Him, cry to Him, plead with Him, and He will give you! ~ Nefesh Shimshon

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Two Thoughts Simultaneously?

We cannot think of two thoughts at the same time.  Consequently, when negative thoughts arise, you do not need to fight them.  Make an effort to think positive thoughts, and the negative thoughts will disappear. ~ Likutai Aitzos

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Repeating Inspirational Aphorisms

R’ Yisroel Salanter stressed the importance of memorizing inspirational aphorisms and passages and repeating them constantly.  Little by little they will have a positive effect on your personality and emotions. ~ Tnuas Hamussar as quoted by R’ Zelig Pliskin

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“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

One who worries about the future will never find satisfaction. When the future becomes the present, he will worry about a later future. ~ Madraigos Haadam: darkai habitachon

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