Spiritual Beings

We are not physical beings living a spiritual life.  We are spiritual beings living a physical life.  We do not have souls, we are souls!  ~ Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov citing the Alter Rebbe

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The Good Old Days

All this talk about the good old days is the work of the yetzer hara.  He wants people to speak like this to make us suffer and worry all the more about our livelihoods.  He would like to make us feel that there is no hope at all now, heaven forbid.

This is all false.  God continuously sustains the world and people rise and fall in every age.  If you look carefully at the past, you will find that it also contained much poverty and suffering.

The opposite is true.  God now directs the world better than ever.  ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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The Truest Measure of Trust

The true measure of a man’s trust in God is not reckoned while he is keeping the Covenant and Torah and serving God from the security of his peaceful home, surrounded by material success…

Rather, it is measured at those times when catastrophe strikes, when poverty and other misfortunes pursue him.  At such times, his determination to remain trusting is the real measure.  It is at times like these that the righteous man is tested to see if his Divine service stems from true love of God. ~ Sefer Ha-ikarim

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Gift of Life

At least once every day, try to feel the joy of being alive.  Appreciate the gift of life.  All who have already died can no longer elevate themselves, but you are still alive and can continue to grow spiritually. ~ Chinuch V’edum Hahergeshim

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Who do you Stand With?

I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God.

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2 Pieces of Paper – Make a Choice

R’ Gavriel Friedman suggests that before you speak loshon hara about someone, first write down everything you want to say including all the juicy contents.  When you are done, then take out another piece of paper and write the words “Olam Habah,” “Eternity” and “Relationship with Hashem.”

Put the two pieces of paper next to each other and look at them.  Then speak loshon hara if that is what you want to do.   But make a choice!  Don’t just give up eternity without choosing to give up eternity!  Make a choice!

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Locking the Door

There are two types of people, both performing the same action of locking their door at night, but they are each doing it for a different reason.

One is confident that the lock is strong and will protect him, while the other locks his door with a strong trust in God, Who will protect him.

The first person may be held liable for depending on the physical lock.  The other person will be rewarded for his trust and prayers. ~ Eved HaMelech

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