True Belief

True belief means giving oneself over to God, trusting in Him totally and never doubting Him, no matter what the circumstances.  This is the concept of faith – to cling to Him completely and unequivocally.  Such attachment brings a person to complete wholeness. ~ Maharal of Prague

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Foundation of the World

Truth is one of the very foundations upon which the world stands.  As this is so, when you speak falsely it is as if you are nudging at the world’s foundation.  ~ Ramchal

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A Special Moment

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We are all Equal

Every home uses more or less the same type of matzos, as they are all made from the same recipe – flour and water and nothing else. When it comes to challah, every home uses a different recipe. Some use sweet challos, some eat egg challos, and so on. This suggests that on Pesach, everyone is the same: resha’im, tzaddikim, people of high levels, people of low levels, they are all equal in the sense that they can all gain from the Seder. ~ R’ Elimlech Biderman Shlita

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Be Stringent

Be stringent [to be clean from chametz on Pesach] with all their laws and details, and whoever spends a lot of time with these matters, he will be granted long life. ~ The Shaalos v’Teshuvos min HaShamayim (71)

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Reclining for Korech?

When we eat matzah, we recline. Then we eat the maror, and we don’t recline. And then we eat matzah and maror sandwiched together, and we recline. Why do we recline? Although there’s matzah, there’s maror there too.

The answer is, when the maror is wrapped with matzah, which is “food of emunah,” he realizes that even the bitter times are for his good. He can now recline for the maror as well. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

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Search for the Flaw

If you have problems, see if some flaw in yourself might be responsible.  If you find no flaw – you are flawed. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe zt”l

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