When we will Achieve Happiness

Once we run away from jealousy, materialism, and status-seeking, the world will become a place bursting with happiness.  ~ R’ Eliyahu Dessler zt”l

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Asking for Help

I don’t feel that it’s important to ask people for help many times.

I follow the Chofetz Chaim’s counsel. He would often say, “From a human being, one doesn’t ask often.”

Because what is man? Only Hashem can help.

~ The Chazon Ish zt”l

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No Good Deed is Small

The Arizal used to pour compliments on his disciple, R’ Chaim Vital zt”l and would even compare him to the great tana’im in the Mishna.  When he objected stating that he doesn’t come close to their level, the Arizal explained that due to the tumah in the world in their generation, it’s very difficult to serve Hashem.  Therefore, every small deed is comparable to many great deeds of the past generations. 

This was 450 years ago. How much more so does this apply today! 

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The Root of the Problem

The Trisker Magid writes that when people speak forbidden speech, this contaminates the air, and is the root of all contagious disease. 

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Is your Bitachon Sincere?

The Divrei Yisrael of Modzhitz writes, “joy and peace of mind are signs of genuine belief in Hashem.” 

If you want to know whether your bitachon is sincere, measure your tranquility.  If your bitachon and trust in Hashem are genuine, you won’t be worried or stressed. 

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What to do…

Sometimes you don’t know whether to punish a child or hug him. If you punish him when he needed a hug, you’ve made a serious mistake. But if you hug him when perhaps he should have been punished, you’ve just brought some extra love into the world.

~ R’ Tzvi Freeman

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A Day of Salvation

It is impossible to know when the geulah sheleimah will come, but I think it will be on Lag b’Omer, on “Reb Shimon’s day,” because it is a very pure day, a day for salvations.

~ The Tzvi LaTzaddik of Bluzhev zt’l

Today is a special day for Tefillah. Take advantage!

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No Shame

There’s no shame in admitting that one made a mistake.  But to stubbornly refuse to admit to a mistake is indeed shameful. ~ Pele Yoetz

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Lengthy Prayers

When the Chasam Sofer zt”l was a child, his prayers were quite lengthy and took a lot of time.

One of his friends chided him: “Moshe, while you stood and prayed I learned several pages of Gemara!”

R’ Moshe replied: “I am not concerned. The Gemara says (Berachos 54b) that someone who lengthens his prayers will have his days and years lengthened. I will catch up with my learning during the extra days and years that I will receive due to my extended prayers…”

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When to Worry

Worry doesn’t help at all; it only harms.

To worry about something that already happened is insanity.

The Chachamim taught us that all worries are forbidden.

The only worry permitted is to ask yourself,

“Why am I worried?”

~ Ralbag

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