A Small World

In the holy books, it is written that a person is referred to as an olam katan – a small world. 

Why is a human being called this?  Because if he regards himself as small, he is as great as the entire world, whereas if he regards himself as big as the world, in truth, he is really small! ~ R’ Noach of Kobrin zt”l 

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Extreme Pleasure

The way a person achieves true pleasure on this world is by obtaining that which he feels he is lacking. 

However, it is wiser to choose to focus on one’s lack of spiritual accomplishments in order to achieve them, so that he can derive extreme pleasure from meeting those needs. ~ R’ Eliyahu Dessler zt”l

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Better than Witnessing a Miracle

True faith is greater than an actual observation of miracles, for with the power of faith, one can see what the eyes do not! ~ Chiddushei Hari”m

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What a Bracha!

Master of the Universe!  Everything You do is most assuredly good, but there is a good which is immediately apparent, and a good which does not seem to be so at first.  May it be Your will to bestow upon all of Klal Yisrael only that type of good which is immediately revealed! ~ R’ Moshe Leib of Sassov zt”l

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How can I increase my happiness?

Fulfill the commandment to love your fellow man as yourself, not as an academic study, but literally and wholeheartedly.  If you sincerely love other people, when you see that they are having some good fortune, you will experience the same joy as if you yourself had that good fortune! ~ R’ Eliyahu Lopian zt”l

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Wait till the End

The holy Rizhiner zt’l told his chassidim the following story:

There was once a chassid who had many furs in his store and was having a hard time selling them. One morning, a messenger of a minister came into the store and said that he wants to buy all the furs. But the chassid hadn’t yet davened shacharis, and he didn’t want to sell them before shacharis. He didn’t want to begin explaining to the messenger that he doesn’t do business before shacharis, so he quoted an exorbitant price for the furs, assuming the messenger would leave. But when he stated the high price, the messenger was prepared to pay it. So, he raised the price even higher. The messenger said, “I see you don’t want to sell them” and left.

Generally, stories like this end with a miracle. The Rizhiner told his chassidim, “I see you are silent and waiting to hear the end of the story. But that is the end of the story. His mesirus nefesh to keep Halachah is the story that I wanted to tell you. He wasn’t thinking about what he will gain from this mesirus nefesh, and neither should you think about what you gain from your mesirus nefesh.”

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What Torah concept will make the most practical difference to the emotional quality of my life?

The awareness that all the Almighty does is for your benefit.  This realization is a great wisdom that will help you in both this world and the next. There is no greater wealth than mastering this attitude. 

When you reach this level, you will not be broken or become sad regardless of how the Almighty sets up your life.  You will accept whatever happens with love. ~ R’ Chaim Zaitchyk zt”l

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Who are You Speaking With?

Whenever you speak to another person, know that you are speaking to someone who is created in the image of the Almighty.  Imagine the respect you would feel if you were speaking directly to the Creator. 

When you internalize this feeling of respect towards others, you will automatically be careful to fulfill all the commandments that apply to our relations with other people.  ~ R’ Yeruchem Levovitz zt”l

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Cause and Effect

The concept of “cause and effect” is well known. However, tzaddikim tell us that, in truth, the “cause” and “effect” are the opposite of what people think they are.

For example, when one has a hole in his pocket and loses money, he thinks that the hole in his pocket causes the monetary loss – the effect. However, the Brisker Rav zt’l explains that the opposite is true. The cause was Hashem’s decree that he should lose money, and therefore he had a hole in his pocket so that Hashem’s command can be fulfilled. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman

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May this be a Sign!

The Rabbeinu b’Chaya (end of Shemos) writes, “When the end of days will come, there will be many tzaros, one after the other. That is a sign that the Redemption is near.”

It seems that we are living in such times. One tzarah ends, and another one begins, r’l. May this be a sign that the Redemption is near. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman

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