A Promise

A promise is only so much sound in the air – until it is carried out. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe

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No Stinting

“A righteous man eats to his soul’s fulfillment, but the stomach of the wicked is empty” (Proverbs 13:25).

A tzadik is carefree, for his is happy with whatever God gives him every day and confident that the next day God will again provide his meals. He eats as much as he needs without stinting to save for the next day.  But a rasha, who relies on his own efforts, is always full of worries, so that even when he has plenty of food, he stints and goes hungry. ~ The Alter of Novhardok

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Even Keel No Matter What

Happiness is the direct result of complete emuna in Hashem.  A person with emuna needs no other preconditions to be happy.  He keeps an even keel no matter how difficult life is.  He’s simply happy with is lot in life. ~ R’ Shalom Arush

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What to learn…

The Netziv writes, “If someone will ask you: Which approach of Torah study should
I follow, and which mitzvos should I focus on the most? Reply ‘Follow your heart.’ (Koheles 11:9). Wherever your heart pulls you is a sign that your mazal understands that this is a good way for your soul.”

This rule also applies to approaches in Torah study. There are many approaches, and there are many focuses. The heart’s pull to a certain section of Torah is a sign that Hashem wants him to excel in that realm. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

Whatever it is that you choose to learn over Shavuos is exactly what your neshama needs.  Learn well and have a wonderful yom tov!

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On Har Sinai, the Jews were able to actually visualize the words of Hashem.  So too, a parent must make sure that his child can observe and truly visualize every word he is taught. Sometimes, action speak louder than words.  ~ R’ S.A. Rubin zt”l as quoted in Torah Tavlin

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No Way Back?

The most important thing is, don’t give up.  Because even if you are in such a place and you absolutely don’t see God because it is so bad where you are, and so dirty, and you are so far gone, and you think you have no way of getting back to God, but if, for just one split second, you ask, “Where is God?” and you mamash cry, “Gevalt!” then because of your asking for it, at that very instant, you are reaching the very highest level in the world. ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach zt”l

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Hashem’s Will

With emuna, we save ourselves untold anguish.  We know that Hashem has a reason for everything. Even if something is not to our liking, we can reconcile ourselves to the fact that this is Hashem’s will. As soon as we know that Hashem wants things to be a certain way, we can readily accept this, and go through life with much less anxiety and conflict.  ~ R’ Shalom Arush shlita

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