Big Day for Tzedakah

It is proper to give a lot of tzedakah on erev Succos. Reb Chaim Vital would distribute the entire tzedakah pushke to the poor on this day.” ~ Shaarei Teshuvah (625)

Rebbe Chaim of Tzanz zt’l said that there isn’t a nicer succah decoration than the tzedakah one gives on erev Succos.

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You have Everything you Need

A person who lives with the Torah perspective realizes the Almighty has provided him with exactly what he needs to fulfill his unique goals in life. Hence there is never a reason to envy what others have. ~ Bais Shlomo

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When we cry about all our sins on Yom Kippur, we’re really saying, “Hashem, look at all these sins, look at this pile of garbage, of refuse, the distractions I enjoy… I enjoy them because I have this gaping hole in my life…”

“Hashem,” we’re saying, “if I had You, if You and I were closer, I wouldn’t need any of this, but because of our distance, I’m stuck.”

With that understanding, we can understand what we’re doing. We’re coming close, begging for a deeper relationship, saying, “Hashem, I don’t really want any of these things. The distance between me and You is the only problem. I just want to be closer to You.”

That’s Yom Kippur.

~ R’ Yossi Bensoussan

I wish you all a g’mar chasima tova!

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Be Real!

We can be real with ourselves. With Hashem.

On Yom Kippur, a day when we’re being real, we’re able to say, “We are Your beloved and You are ours.”

That’s the one truth.  It’s because we’re being real that we can talk that way, to be open.

The imperfections don’t get in the way. Be ready to admit to yourself, “No, you’re not a perfect human being. Yes, you’ve got a lot to work on.  It’s okay.”

We’re all just a bunch of broken vessels hopping around the world trying to make ourselves whole. On Yom Kippur, we admit it to Hashem.

He’s there listening, all-knowing, and all-accepting.

Be real with Him.

~ R’ Leiby Burnham

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When a person feels remorse for having committed a sin, he is forgiven for ALL his sins.

~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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Shabbos of Return

The Shabbos before Yom Kippur is called Shabbos Shuvah, which literally translated means “Shabbos of Return.” This alludes to the final redemption, which will usher in the World to Come – an era that will be completely and exclusively Shabbos.

By calling the Shabbos before Yom Kippur by this name, we express our hope that the final redemption will arrive.  In this way, Shabbos will immediately return to the world – and this time, it will last forever! ~ Degel Machaneh Efraim

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After Rosh Hashanah

Why do the Days of Repentance immediately follow Rosh Hashanah? On Rosh Hashanah everyone does teshuvah mentally, regretting his failings and resolving to turn over a new leaf.  But this is not enough.  Teshuvah must also be done in a practical manner, through good and charitable deeds.  Many of these cannot be carried out on Yom Tov.  We can set things right during the weekdays of the Ten Days of Teshuvah. ~ Avnei Nezer

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Erev Rosh Hashanah – Don’t Forget!!

Giving tzedakah on erev Rosh Hashana is considered a great mitzvah.  In fact, as a result of Jews giving tzedakah, the Heavenly Gates of Mercy are opened wide.  For in the same measure that we take pity on the poor, Hashem takes pity on us. ~ Ohr Hachayim

On that note, I just wanted to remind you to set yourself up with one or both of these wonderful organizations before Rosh Hashanah to ensure that a day does not go by the entire year without giving tzedaka.

Daily Giving –

Sign up to donate $1 per day to charity, which they will distribute to over 40 wonderful charities that serve the greater Jewish community, most of which you are probably familiar with.  I encourage you all to check out their website.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

Keren Hashana –

Many years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe established “Keren Hashana,” a fund that will also disburse your tzedaka  to worthy causes, daily, giving you the benefit of this mitzvah every day of the year!

You can give as little as 5 cents per day ($19.20 for the year) for you, and if you want, each of your family members, which will ensure that you and your family don’t go a day without giving tzedaka.

Don’t wait!  These organizations are a lifesaver and now is the time to take care of this.  

Lastly, don’t forget that “causing others to give tzedaka is greater than giving tzedakah yourself” (Bava Basra 9).   Therefore, pass this on!  By forwarding this to friends and family, who knows how many people will sign up for this great mitzvah and how much of an effect it will have on your neshama going into Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

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I Love You, Hashem!

A person should not let a single day pass by without articulating, at least once, “I love You, Hashem.” ~ R’ Avigdor Miller zt”l

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A person must work to make a living for the family.  Hands should be busy with that.  But the mind should be in Heaven. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe zt”l

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