No Words

After singing the prescribed zemiros each Friday night, the Skulener Rebbe was wont to sing just the niggun of the zemer without saying the words.

He explained that when you sing the words of a zemer, you are limited by the fixed text.  But singing a wordless melody is on a higher level – on the wings of a niggun, unencumbered by specific words, your feelings soar to the loftiest spheres. ~Hashabbos Noam Haneshamos as quoted by R’ Dovid Meisels

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Beyond the Rules of Nature

Yisro told Moshe that he shouldn’t be the sole judge for the entire nation. There should be other judges helping him. The sefarim teach that Yisro’s point was valid. It was indeed impossible, according to the rules of nature, for Moshe to judge the nation alone. Yet, before Yisro asked that question, Moshe was able to judge the nation alone, because Hashem gives people strengths – beyond the rules of nature – when they want to do His will.

However, after Yisro asked his question, he brought the matter down to the realm of nature, and then it became impossible for Moshe to judge them alone. Now he needed aid. Therefore, Moshe sent Yisro home; his questions were weakening his strength. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

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Educating our Children

“Educate a child according to his way, so that even when he becomes old he will never leave it” (Mishlei 22:6)

The Vilna Gaon zt’l explains, “Train the child to perform the mitzvos according to his [individual] nature, because then, even when he will become old, he will not leave them. But if you train him against his nature, he will only listen to you now, because he is afraid of you. But when he reaches independence, when he will not have to listen to you anymore, he will not be able to go against his true nature.”

The Vilna Gaon then quotes the Gemara (Shabbos) which states, “Someone who was born under the mazal maadim, with a nature for shedding blood, should become either a mohel, or a shochet, or a doctor.”

Don’t go against his or her nature.  Instead, try to understand his or her tendencies and channel them for avodas Hashem.

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Why are we Sad?

Why are we sad?  Because we always walk around thinking that things are wrong.  Why do I think that things are wrong?  Because I have a feeling that I am running the world.  And since things are not the way I think they should be, that means they’re wrong.

But let’s face it, I’m not the master of the world.  If it is clear to you that there is one God Who takes care of everything…what are you kvetching [complaining] about? ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach zt”l

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The Source of All Blessings

The greater the harmony, mutual respect and devotion between a husband and wife – particularly when both are observers of Torah and mitzvos – the greater is the measure of God’s blessings to both of them for all their needs. ~ The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Do not take this lightly.  Shalom Bayis is the vessel in which a husband and wife will receive Hashem’s blessings.   Where there is no Shalom Bayis, there are no blessings.

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Where is God?

Where is God to be found? In the place where He is given entry. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe

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2 Gifts

“I opened two gifts this morning.  They were my eyes.”

I just heard a shiur from R’ Zecharia Wallerstein where he suggests that in order to gain a better appreciation for what you have, try closing your eyes for a little while.  In fact, he says to try even just closing one eye for a half hour.  Do this and you will come to appreciate these two amazing gifts that Hashem gave us.

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