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The body needs air.  What is the air of the soul? Faith ~ R’ Eliyahu Lopian zt”l

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You are a Miracle

You have eyes that can see, ears that can hear, you have nerves on your fingertips that can feel, you have taste buds in your mouth and you have the ability to think and remember, you are a wonderful machine … Continue reading

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Aggravation from Business Dealings

The one who has a high level of trust in Hashem will not have any aggravation due to his business dealings because he knows that  whatever is occurring is being orchestrated by Hashem and is for his best. ~ Chovos Halevovos

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God causes events to coincide, and we call them “coincidences.” ~ R’ Shraga Silverstein zt”l

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Rosh Chodesh Av

I remember hearing in a shiur from R’ Pesach Krohn that the gemara in Taanis on 29a (quoting the mishna) states, “Meshenichnas Av, m’maatin b’simcha”, when Av arrives, we reduce  the level of happiness. Note that it does not state … Continue reading

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One who trusts in God is surrounded by loving-kindness. ~ Psalms 32:10

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No Worries

The first level is that I believe in God so much that I know that everything is good. Then there is a higher level: that I really don’t care.  I do care, yet I don’t, because if there is one God, what … Continue reading

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