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In Israel, to be a realist, you have to believe in miracles. ~ David Ben Gurion

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Every Single Thing!

Everything is by Divine Providence…Every single thing a person sees or hears is an instruction to him in his conduct and service of God. ~ The Baal Shem Tov – frequently quoted by the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l

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Who do you Trust?

If you do not trust God, you will inevitably trust someone or something else.  God will then put you under the care of the one you trust, rather than His own.  ~ R’ Bahya Ibn Paquda zt”l

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Not my Problem

Just like a child does not worry about how his abba (father) is going to pay the bills, we should not worry how our abba is going pay the bills. My job is do daven 3 times per day, learn … Continue reading

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No Worries

A person who worries about spiritual matters no longer worries about material matters. ~ The Chofetz Chaim zt”l

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No Pilot?

A lack of emuna is like a passenger on an airline who doesn’t believe that there’s a pilot in the cockpit. ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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First things First

It is first necessary to have faith in God, and only then will you be worthy of understanding Him with your intellect. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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