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The First Prayer

“The reason why one must be especially careful during the afternoon service (mincha) is because the very first prayer in the world was offered at this time.  Adam was created in the afternoon, just before the Sabbath, and it was … Continue reading

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Love Work

R’ Yisrael Salanter used to say that no one dies of hunger; anyone can find some type of occupation by which to support himself and his family.  People perish instead due to prestige.  They say: ‘This occupation is not prestigious … Continue reading

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“From books, one can learn what to say; a rebbe teaches him what not to say.” ~ R’ Chaim Soloveichik

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“Why did miracles happen in Egypt? Because we believed they would. Those who didn’t believe in miracles saw only plagues.” ~ R’ Tzvi Freeman

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Dishes and Unity

“If dishes are packed well and tight, one next to the other, the box can be moved about and none of the dishes will break.  If they are packed loosely, even the slightest jar is liable to break them.  So … Continue reading

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Are you really serving G-d?

“The Bal Shem Tov says if you want to know whether you are really serving G-d, it is simple:  If my heart is filled with joy each time I put on tefillin, and each time I do something good my … Continue reading

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It gets easier

“It is a proven fact that the longer one persists in guarding his tongue, the easier it becomes.” ~ The Chofetz Chaim

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Fear and Reverence

R’ Asher of Stolin assumed the mantle of Chassidic leadership at a very young age.  One young man, a close personal friend of R’ Asher’s, was thrust into an uncomfortable situation – his friend was now his leader and Rebbe.  … Continue reading

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The Reliable Caretaker

“Torah, like money, is entrusted to a person by Hashem.  If a person proves himself a reliable caretaker, he is entrusted with even more wealth.  Thus, one who gives charity is rewarded with greater monetary wealth, while one who teaches … Continue reading

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Life’s Difficulties

“We can’t hide from life’s difficulties; no one asks us whether we’re prepared to undergo trials and tribulations – they appear in our lives whether we want them or not.  But, we do have the free choice of how we’ll … Continue reading

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