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R’ Noson Tzvi Finkel zt”l

On one occasion when Rabbi Noson Tzvi Finkel was leading the congregation in prayer, he kept stumbling on the pronunciation of the words.  Those present were amazed, since he always pronounced each word precisely.  The congregants soon understood the reason … Continue reading

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Quality or Quantity

“Concerning prayer it is said, “Better a little with the proper intentions than a lot without the proper intentions.” However, with respect to tzedaka, “a lot without the proper intentions” is also good! The main purpose in giving tzedaka is … Continue reading

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Special segulah today to have children and see them successful!!

I received the following from Rav Avraham Moyal Shlita: It is already well known that the eve of the month of sivan is meyuchad (special) for prayers, especially for successful kids, or to have children etc… The reason being that in the … Continue reading

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What we Are

We teach what we know, but we reproduce what we are. ~ Chicken Soup for the Neshama

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“The common conception of how the system works is faulty. They see a career as making a living. A career doesn’t make anything. What you receive is generated above, in a spiritual realm. Your business is to set up a channel to allow … Continue reading

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Power of Speech & Link to an Amazing Lecture

“Every single word of lashon hara is considered a separate sin.  If all the words are reckoned together, they amount to an enormous sum.  Perhaps, G-d forbid, they may even outnumber the good deeds we have to our credit.” ~ … Continue reading

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Naches fun kinder iz tei’erer fun gelt. Pride in children is more precious than money.

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Reb Shlomo in the Subway Station

I was once with Rebbe Shlomo (Carlebach) at a subway station in Berlin.  A disheveled, drunken man started shouting angrily at us, “You dirty Jews!”  I urged Rebbe Shlomo to leave, but instead he went up to this raving man … Continue reading

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That’s my seat!

When Bnei Yisrael camped in the desert, they did so in a tight and specific formation.  No one complained about their place and no one attempted to change their position in the total configuration.  We, too, should emulate this quality … Continue reading

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Skipping Prayers

The Maggid (angelic spokesman) warned Rabbi Yosef Caro to come on time to synagogue, so that he would be able to say the entire service in order.  When one skips prayers, he upsets the heavenly channels. ~ R’ Yehuda Ashkenazi … Continue reading

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