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Ashrei Ha’ish – New Song!

Happy is the man who doesn’t live according to the advice of the wicked, and does not stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. But who finds delight in God’s Torah and reflects … Continue reading

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The Maggid’s Menorah

The story is told about the Koznitzer Maggid, Reb Yisroel Hopstein, whose daughter, Perela, lost several children, and the Koznitzer beseeched the gedolim of his time to bless his daughter with healthy children. The Berditchever Rebbe came to the Koznitzer … Continue reading

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Music has the unique ability to bring a person closer to Hashem.  Although Torah writings and sefarim are indeed very valuable, it is precisely because we are accustomed to them that they might not always arouse our emotions.  That is … Continue reading

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Shine a Little Light – song

Very inspirational song and the story behind it: Shine a Little Light – Official Music Video – The story behind the song – R’ Yitzi Hurwitz’s blog –

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Ahallela – great song

“אהללה אלוקי ואשמחה בו ואשימה תקותי בו אהודנו בסוד עם קרובו אלוקי צורי אחסה בו” “I shall laud my God and be glad with Him, and place my hope in Him.  I shall praise Him in the counsel of His intimate … Continue reading

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Mi Shemaamin – מי שמאמין – He Who Believes

I haven’t posted a song in a while and want to start the week on a high.  I can’t think of anything greater than watching our holy soldiers in Israel sing and dance like they did before entering battle in … Continue reading

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Kad Yavsin {Song}

Here is another very holy song from the Zohar Hakadosh.  Enjoy! When the Jewish people immerse themselves in the joy of studying Torah, the Holy One Blessed is He, Says to all His heavenly hosts: Look! Look! at my beloved … Continue reading

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A Chassidic Melody

A chassidic melody fortifies hope and trust, brings joy, and places the entire household home and family in a state of light. ~ R; Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn of Lubavitch zt”l Last Friday, right before Shabbos, I listened to Kah Echsof which was … Continue reading

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Ka Echsof – {song}

God – I long for the sweetness of the Shabbos, which becomes the twin and becomes united with Your treasured Nation. ~ R’ Aharon of Karlin zt”l You are in for a treat today.  If you don’t know this song, … Continue reading

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Just One Shabbos

The Midrash states that if Israel would keep the Sabbath properly, for even one day, the Messiah would come.  Why? Because the Sabbath is equal to all the commandments in the Torah. The entire week’s quotes will be devoted to … Continue reading

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