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One who does not see G-d everywhere does not see him anywhere. ~ The Rebbe of Kotzk

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You must ascend by gradual steps.  First you must conquer the step that’s next and after that the one after that, and so on. ~ Rav Avigdor Miller

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It’s better to eat in order to pray than to pray in order to eat. ~ R’ Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch

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Who is helping who?

When I give tzedukah, am I helping him or is he helping me (by giving me the opportunity to do a mitzvah for which I will be handsomely rewarded)? As we go through life, we must always ask ourselves this … Continue reading

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This is Your Moment!

This thought that just came into you that wants to derail you from everything holy…this is an opportunity for you to fulfill your mission in life…by subduing it, confronting it, dismissing it, transforming it!  Don’t get depressed and say “Oy, … Continue reading

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Attaining Ruach Hakodesh

The Arizal told me that attaining ruach hakodesh is dependent on how much kavanah one has when one says brachos [over food].  When the brachos are said with kavanah, it destroys the kelipos (impurities) and makes the food pure to … Continue reading

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I used to be so Shtark!

Remember your magical moments.  Now is the time to reactivate them…Get back on track.  That is the avodah of Elul! ~ R’ Duvi Bensoussan Shlita

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