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Brilliant Ignoramus

“One can possess broad Talmudic knowledge and be a fountain of deep penetrating analysis and yet he does not deserve to be considered a true talmid chacham (Torah scholar). If he has not allowed his Torah knowledge to refine his … Continue reading

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Like an Operation

The Sage, Nachum Ish Gamzu (the teacher of Rabbi Akiva) is famous in the Talmud as the leading exponent of this insight.  His invariable reaction to whatever befell him, even to seeming disaster, was: gam zu le-tovah – “this too … Continue reading

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A Good Daughter

A guteh tochter iz a guteh shnur – A good daughter makes a good daughter-in-law.

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Amazing Opportunity

Please read to the end! There is a basic flaw in believing that by giving, one loses. The Chofetz Chaim cites the promise in Tanna D’Vei Eliyahu Zuta (Perek 4): “If you gave charity, you will merit money. If you … Continue reading

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Bitter People

“Bitter people are never grateful; grateful people are never bitter.” ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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How Does One Learn to Love Hashem

“When drinking a cup of water, learn to love Him for it; when you wear an overcoat in winter, love Him for it; when you enter from the cold street into your warm home, love Him for it; when you … Continue reading

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When I have time…

“Say not, when I have leisure I will study; for you may never have leisure” ~ Pirkei Avot 2:4

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The Fault-Finder

“A chissoren, di kalleh is tsu shain.” – “A fault-finder complains even that the bride is too pretty.”

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“Don’t take the world and its darkness so seriously –it is not as real as it feigns to be. It is only a creation and it is being re-created out of absolutely nothing at every moment. The only thing real about it is … Continue reading

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Not a Penny more

“No matter how much effort is exerted, no-one can earn one cent more than G-d has ordained that he – this particular person – shall earn. One must do what is necessary, but one must remember that all his work is … Continue reading

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