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A Spiritual Force

Man’s power of speech is a spiritual force and it has great effect in the higher spheres.  Consequently, the damage wrought by improper speech in the higher worlds is severe and awesome.  And the greater the damage, the greater is … Continue reading

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Beautiful Photo v. Painting

“Why do a mitzva if I know I will sin afterward?” A visitor once asked this blunt question to the Rebbe in a private audience. He understood that performing a good deed is meaningful, but thought that any merits gained would be wiped away … Continue reading

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Hashem’s Partner

By saying a bracha with the proper intention, you cause the Shechinah to come to rest on the food you are about to eat.  But more than that, you become Hashem’s partner in the work of Creation.  Why is this … Continue reading

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Do not Pray.  Prayer means there are two entities, one entity petitioning a higher one. Instead of praying, connect.  Become one with your Maker, so that Divine energy will come through you and into our world to heal the sick, … Continue reading

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Long Life

Rabbi Nechunya ben Hakanah was asked by his disciples how he had merited such a long life.  He answered them: “I never sought honor at the expense of my fellow, I never went to sleep without forgiving anyone who might … Continue reading

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Desires must be purified and idealized, not eradicated.  ~ Vilna Gaon

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Instead of Judging….

Whenever you see that someone has made a mistake, view the situation as a learning experience to prevent yourself from making similar mistakes.  Moreover, utilize this experience as a guide to what knowledge and information you should try to impart … Continue reading

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Correcting Somone

There are two basic approaches that are possible to take when you see someone doing something wrong.  One is to speak harshly to the person and tell him that what he is doing is wrong.  But this approach does not … Continue reading

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How do I get to Rechov Jaffa?

Rav Elya Lopian zt”l once asked Rav Moshe Aharon Stern zt”l to accompany him to mincha on Shabbos afternoon to Yeshivas Chevron. As they walked, they witnessed cars driving down the roads in flagrant violation of Shabbos. Rav Elya, in clear agitation, … Continue reading

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So Holy, it’s Beyond Comprehension

The concept of Shabbos is far beyond our comprehension.  We will never understand the full measure of the kedusha of Shabbos.  Shabbos is much more than refraining from doing the 39 forbidden labors.  It is a time when Hashem’s glory … Continue reading

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