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Realize that the money you keep for yourself is limited in the extent to which it helps you: it cannot help you at all after you die.  But the money you give to tzedukah will save you from suffering in the … Continue reading

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New Channels

When you make a decision to give charity and to help another person generously–even if your decision does not reflect your available means–new channels are created on High to produce all that is needed for the fulfillment of your good … Continue reading

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It Simply Doesn’t Exist

“Never, ever, have we seen or heard about a Jewish community that does not have a charity fund” ~  Rambam

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A good Jew is not a taker but a giver. The giver gets much more than the receiver, for the receiver gets only something of limited monetary value, whereas the giver acquires for himself a good and pure heart ~ … Continue reading

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We have it Backwards

Most people are concerned about their own material needs and another person’s spirituality. It should be the other way around: a person is obligated to be concerned with his own spirituality and the material well-being of others. The material needs … Continue reading

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Greater than Charity

Acts of loving-kindness are greater than charity in three ways: Acts of loving-kindness can be done through personal action as well as with money; they can be given to rich and poor alike; and they can be performed for both … Continue reading

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Who do you love?

We love those for whom we do. ~ R’ Eliyahu Dessler zt”l

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