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Good Question

How can a man blind his eyes to his actions or slacken his efforts, if afterwards, when he can no longer straighten out what he has made crooked, he will unquestionably suffer? ~ Mesilas Yesharim

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Not About the Hours

The determination of a masmid (diligent learner) is not how many hours he learns a day, but how many minutes he learns an hour. ~ Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

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Do you know what chassidus is? It is to be cautious with what you say and with what you see. ~ Reb Shalom of Shotz zt”l

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The Greatest Enemy

It is a mistake to think that the yetzer hara’s purpose is to merely cause a person to sin; its true goal is to destroy a person completely.  Once he tricks someone into sinning, it does not even let him … Continue reading

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Come Back to Life

If I had already died and the Almighty told me I could come back to life again, imagine how happy I would be.  Now that I am still alive, I should still feel that same joy. ~ R’ Nachum Huradna … Continue reading

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Laziness is a key negative trait that keeps a person away from perfection.  When you do a positive action, always do it right away and with speed.  ~ Ralbag

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If you are not accustomed to thanking people (so if somebody holds a door open for you, you don’t say thank you), you can forget about being an eved (servant of) Hashem. The most important thing you need to learn in This World … Continue reading

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