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Do you know what chassidus is? It is to be cautious with what you say and with what you see. ~ Reb Shalom of Shotz zt”l Advertisements

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The Greatest Enemy

It is a mistake to think that the yetzer hara’s purpose is to merely cause a person to sin; its true goal is to destroy a person completely.  Once he tricks someone into sinning, it does not even let him … Continue reading

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Come Back to Life

If I had already died and the Almighty told me I could come back to life again, imagine how happy I would be.  Now that I am still alive, I should still feel that same joy. ~ R’ Nachum Huradna … Continue reading

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Laziness is a key negative trait that keeps a person away from perfection.  When you do a positive action, always do it right away and with speed.  ~ Ralbag

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If you are not accustomed to thanking people (so if somebody holds a door open for you, you don’t say thank you), you can forget about being an eved (servant of) Hashem. The most important thing you need to learn in This World … Continue reading

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Long Range Investment

The body is only here for 90-100 years. The soul – like its Creator – is timeless. We’d be smart to choose the longer-range investment. ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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Where Your Life Really Is

The past is only memories. The future is but illusory hopes. Focus on the present. For that is where you your life really is. And it consists only of tests.  ~ Michtav MaiEliyahu

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