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“Years ago, when people wore sandals, they avoided puddles.  When they began wearing shoes, they would walk through the puddles.  Now that there are galoshes and boots, they may walk into deep mud.  But they are unaware that they may … Continue reading

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“If a strict accounting were made of what one owes God for the kindness He has bestowed upon him, no man would ever attain the reward of the Word-to-Come for his deeds, except by God’s grace toward him.  Therefore, do … Continue reading

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“Comments and criticism in a marriage are worse than poison.” ~ R. Lazer Brody

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“When things don’t work out, trust in G-d and stay calm. Even if it’s all your fault and you deserve everything you’re getting, trust in G-d that it is all for the good, and stay calm. When He sees how … Continue reading

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Short vort on Korach

“Why were Korach and his followers punished by being swallowed up by earth?  Because Korach and his congregation fought against Moshe, who, as the pasuk describes, was ‘more humble than anyone on the face of the earth.’  If so, there was no … Continue reading

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“A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.” – unknown

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“The strongest form of child education is parental example.” – R’ Lazer Brody

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Shalom Bayis – The Source of all Blessings

“The greater the harmony, mutual respect and devotion between a husband and wife – particularly when both are observers of Torah and mitzvos – the greater is the measure of G-d’s blessings to both of them for all their needs.” … Continue reading

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“Trusting in the One Above doesn’t mean waiting for miracles. It means having confidence in what you are doing right now –because you know He has put you on the right path and will fill whatever you do with divine … Continue reading

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“Why do people hate each other?  Because deep down they don’t believe God created them.  If it was clear to them that there is only one God and that He created them, they would love each other.” – R’ Shlomo … Continue reading

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