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Where am I?

“A person cannot begin to attain a goal if he doesn’t know where he currently is. How can you look at a map and reach Chicago if you don’t know whether you’re in New York or Denver? What direction do … Continue reading

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Quality over Quantity

“Chazal explains that one will be asked [after life in this world], ‘did you establish set times for Torah study?’ He will not be asked, ‘How much Torah did you study?,’ because better is the deliberate study of five chapters … Continue reading

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Simple Path to Joy

You ask, “How can I be happy if I am not?” True, you can’t control the way you feel, but you do have control over your conscious thought, speech and actions. Do something simple: Think good thoughts, speak good things, … Continue reading

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Don’t Take it For Granted

“Not taking for granted all the good we have is the key to happiness.  For if we don’t appreciate what we have, we will never appreciate what we are going to get as we will get used to it as … Continue reading

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Something to Say at Your Seuda

I heard this last year from R’ Shalom Axelrod.  Hopefully, I will do it justice.   There are two times in the Torah that Parshas Zachor, the story of Amalek, is discussed at length.  However, they are each preceded by two … Continue reading

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Pure Faith on Purim

“Rational reasoning is used year-round as a means to emunah – belief in Hashem.  Once a year, however, on Yom Tov of Purim, we must strip away all traces of reasoning – Ahd DiLo Yadah – and serve Hashem on … Continue reading

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Poor People

“A poor person generally does not die from starvation.  He dies from honor-seeking and arrogance!” ~ R’ Yisrael Salanter zt”l (Torah Tavlin)

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Powerful Segula for Today

It is written in the holy book, Kav Hayosher, that today, Taanis Esther is a day that is mesugal for tefilos to be answered in the zechus of Mordechai and Esther. Whoever needs Divine Assistance – rachamim – compassion from Above for anything should say Kapitel 22 in Tehilim (Click here for tehillim 22) Then, they … Continue reading

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A Good Night’s Sleep

“One who trusts in G-d will obtain the advantage of money, namely, a livelihood, but will be spared the mental distraction of one who has money and constantly worries about it. As the Wise Man said, ‘sweet is the sleep … Continue reading

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why why why?

I heard from Dr. David Pelcovitz a quote from the Kotzker Rebbe regarding some tough questions of why tragedies occur.  He states “I can never believe in a god that I understand.”

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