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500 Gold Coins

“The Yismach Moshe toiled in Torah from his youth.  He had great difficulty with his livelihood and it affected his learning and service of Hashem.  One evening he made an accounting and determined that in order to pay off all … Continue reading

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Rain is termed gevuros as its decent reveals (Divine) might. Taanis 2A

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“All a person controls is the effort; the results are in God’s hands.  Success is then not determined by the results.” ~ David Sacks

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A Mirror

According to the Arizal, the wife is a mirror of her husband.  Any deficiency he sees in her is actually his own deficiency. ~ The Garden of Peace by Rav Shalom Arush

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“The Jewish people are likened to stars, in that from the earth they seem very small, but in the heavens they are actually immense.  On earth, the nations of the world may consider the Jews to be of little significance, … Continue reading

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“Once you have distanced yourself from anger, the quality of humility will enter your heart.  This sterling quality is the finest of all admirable traits, as Scripture writes: On the heels of humility comes the fear of Hashem.” ~ The … Continue reading

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Under Fire

“Under fire” – in the midst of a difficult tribulation – we can’t see how our current predicament is for our own good.  But with emuna, we believe that our current predicament is for our own good.  Our faith gives … Continue reading

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Believe in Teshuva

“If you believe that you can damage, then believe that you can fix.” ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov

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The Now

“There is no moment more vital than the one right now.  There is no space more crucial than the one in which you stand.  For this is the moment and this is the place from which the Moshiach may come.” … Continue reading

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A Few Clouds

“Hashem wants us to be our best, so He sends a cloud here and there to block the sunlight and clear skies; sunsets would be boring without a few clouds.” ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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