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Tell Your Story

Everything we see and hear is a little message from G-d.  The whole world is G-d telling a story.  The deepest depths of closeness to G-d is when you can tell G-d your story. ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach zt”l

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Emes – truth – is singular.  There is only one truth.  If one tried to divide this truth into a number of separate truths, what he’s done is create sheker – falsehood. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l as quoted … Continue reading

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In any Language

If someone who is God-fearing and does not know Hebrew approaches you…tell him that he should learn the services in a language that he understands.  Prayer is nothing but the heart’s communication.  If the heart does not understand what the … Continue reading

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We all look at the same world; but what we see depends on who we are. ~ R’ Yitzchak Isaac of Homil zt”l as quoted in Chicken Soup to Warm the Neshama

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Love Other People

If you love other people, if everybody is ok in your eyes, you’re filled with joy. I want you to know, the Bal Shem Tov says, that when you’re filled with joy, you can meet your biggest enemy and love … Continue reading

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Please tell me…I won’t repeat it to anyone else.

There is no difference between freely volunteering loshon hora and being pressured into relating it.  If someone would entice you to eat unkosher food, would the food then be permissible?  The same principle would apply to loshon hora.  ~ Guard … Continue reading

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Great Story about R’ Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld zt”l

In a certain city in Hungary, a childless woman brought the equivalent of $400 to her Rabbi to send to a tzadik (righteous person) to pray that she should have children.  With her approval the Rabbi sent the money and … Continue reading

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Written on Your Heart + free music download

You can keep every Shabbos to the letter of the law, but you haven’t kept Shabbos yet.  Unless Shabbos reaches the High Heart, the deepest, deepest, deepest, the highest place in your heart, you didn’t feel it yet.  What is … Continue reading

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The Light of Shabbos

On the Sabbath, radiance shines forth from the World to Come – the place from which all light streams forth – shining in every direction.  It brings joy, gladness, light and freedom. ~ The Zohar To learn about The Shabbos … Continue reading

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The Deeper Message of Shabbos

For the Talmudic Rabbis, the Sabbath was seen as a gift from God – something of heavenly origin given down here to us.  But for mystics, the message is deeper.  The Sabbath is an event within God.  Through prayer, study … Continue reading

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