The Light of Shabbos

On the Sabbath, radiance shines forth from the World to Come – the place from which all light streams forth – shining in every direction.  It brings joy, gladness, light and freedom. ~ The Zohar

To learn about The Shabbos Project taking place this Shabbos worldwide, go to

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2 Responses to The Light of Shabbos

  1. evan says:

    Hey Jeremy –

    Not sure about your involvement with the Shabbos Project, but we signed up to host some new people for Shabbos. Never heard from anyone…

    anyway, we will be hosting friends and enjoying our momentary taste of paradise regardless!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I am not involved with their organization. i just think it is awesome and want to spread the word. That is amazing that you are having your friends. I am also having some people for at least friday night. I am reading the materials on their website – – Really good stuff. I am hoping to try to explain each part of the meal…. holy stuff. good luck and enjoy!

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