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I am Yosef

“The entire sequence of incomprehensible events that led to the brothers standing before Yosef in Egypt, became instantly rationalized the moment he said ‘I am Yosef.’  Similarly, in the future, when the nations of the world will hear the immortal … Continue reading

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Loshon Hora Kills 3

“Loshon hora kills three: the speaker, the listener, and the person being discussed” ~Yerushalmi Pe’ah 1:1

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Fear Hashem as you Fear Man

The Talmud relates that on his death bed, R’ Yochanan ben Zakkai told his disciples: “May it be the will [of God] that the fear of Heaven be upon you like the fear of flesh and blood.” His students responded, … Continue reading

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“G-d detests a man who rushes to accuse a neighbor.” ~ Talmud

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Let Emuna Precede Intellect

“Anytime something happens that upsets us, we should let emuna precede intellect.  Emuna must be our initial thought!  Before the brain and intellect begin blaming our troubles on ‘natural’ forces and phenomena, on others, or on ourselves, our emuna tells … Continue reading

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Slow and Steady

Each of us should be a tiny bit better every day.  Gradual but steady improvement is the key.  ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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“The doctor has been licensed from Above to heal, not to make predictions.  Ignore the predictions and think only good thoughts.”   ~ Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman

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Ten Tefachim

“Chazal tell us that the Divine Presence does not descend lower than ten tefachim from the ground.  The only exception to this is the menorah on Chanukah, whose place is ideally required to be less than ten tefachim off the … Continue reading

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“Even an angel cannot do two things at the same time.” ~ Bereishis Rabbah

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This is what Hashem wants!

“The very first of the thirteen tenets of our faith (see Maimonides….) states: I believe with complete emuna that the Creator, blessed be His name, is the Creator and Ruler of all the creations, and He alone did, does, and … Continue reading

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