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The Instructions

“Hashem gave mankind, and the Jewish people in particular, clear instructions as to one’s purpose in life.  Not only do we have our holy Torah and its commandments; we have the great tzaddikim – the righteous sages and spiritual leaders … Continue reading

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“In the facades we put on for others we demonstrate our potential; through our children we reveal our reality.”  ~ Lawrence Kelemen (To Kindle A Soul)

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Truly Wealthy

“One who has one hundred wants two hundred” (Koheles Rabbah 1:34). Someone who covets money never has enough, while one who has an inner sense of contentment is truly wealthy.

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“Go in Peace”

“When one says ‘Lech b’shalom – go in peace’ like Avimelech did to Yitzchak, one gives his friend the illusion that the road before him will be easy, that he is already in a state of peace.  This is not … Continue reading

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The Yield

“In business, a person’s profit may exceed the effort invested, or it may be less.  In spiritual matters, the yield is exactly equal to the amount of effort expended.” ~ R’ Itzele of Petersburg zt”l from Torah Tavlin

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Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

“King Solomon, the wisest of all men advised (Ecclesiates 7:2): ‘It is better to frequent the house of mourning than the house of feasting, for it signifies the end of all men – and the living should take it to heart!’ …All … Continue reading

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My Body also has a Soul

“Our holy master Rebbe Nachman says that not only the soul has a soul – but my body also has a soul – the inside of my body.  You know, imagine if all I used my hand for was just … Continue reading

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Bitter or Grateful

“Bitter people are never grateful; grateful people are never bitter.” ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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“Time is Money”

“The world says that time is money, but I say that money is time. In order to earn enough money to satisfy his desires, one must sacrifice inordinate amounts of time. For me, that sacrifice is too great.” ~ Chofetz Chaim

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Peace in the Home

“Peace in the home, shalom bayis, does not mean the absence of conflict. Shalom is opposing forces working together in harmony. It is a sense of wholeness that allows for a life filled with blessings and joy.”   ~ By … Continue reading

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