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Greatness does not bring happiness; happiness brings greatness. ~ The Garden of Wisdom

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Don’t Waste a Moment

Life is short, and the Torah is seemingly endless.  One should not waste a moment of the precious few years he is granted in this world.  Life is a fleeting opportunity to gather treasure; once the time is up, he … Continue reading

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One should Live like he is about to Die

A person should always see himself as if he is about to die, lest he die during a moment when he is a sinner and removed from God.  Therefore he must return from his sin immediately. ~ Rambam

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If it Could, it Would

“Everything a person has is allotted to him by the Ribon Shel Olam.  Don’t think that if something is not going well in a person’s life, it could still be better.  If it could be better, it would be better!” … Continue reading

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Der vos hot nit farzucht bittereh, vaist nit voz zies iz. He who has not tasted the bitter, does not understand the sweet.

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The Steipler Gaon

Once, a young married scholar spent a long time with Rav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky zt”l, better known as the Steipler, seeking guidance in his learning.  As the young man expressed his thanks and turned to leave, the Steipler said, “Do … Continue reading

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Very Deep teaching from R’ Nachman

It is the essence of the return to God that you should search at all times and beg:  “Where is the place of His glory?”  Then the fall itself is transformed into a great ascent.  The whole purpose of the … Continue reading

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The Definition of Serving Hashem

The definition of what it means to serve Hashem is the feeling of humility of someone who receives a benefit.  If favors are done for an individual and he is unable to pay for what he is receiving, he is … Continue reading

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Needing Honor

If you need others to honor you, you are in a worse situation than someone who needs others to give him charity.  When someone resorts to begging for tzedakah (charity), others feel sorry for him and have mercy on him.  … Continue reading

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A Good Wife

A good wife is one who makes her husband want the right things. ~ R’ Tzvi Freeman

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