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42 Journeys

“The Baal Shem Tov taught that each of our lives is comprised of 42 journeys, corresponding to the 42 journeys of the Children of Israel in the wilderness. Some of those journeys have pleasant names. Others don’t sound so nice. … Continue reading

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The Moment at Hand

“We have nothing but the moment at hand – the past is gone and the future is not here yet.  Therefore, when we squander the moment at hand, we squander life itself.  Any time we use anything for other than … Continue reading

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Not a Luxury

“The natural tendency is to treat matters of the spirit as luxury items—sort of an appendage to life. Eating, sleeping, making money—these things are given priority, and the time dedicated to them is sacrosanct. But prayer, meditation and study fit … Continue reading

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Genuine Humility

“When your actions display genuine humility – when you stand meekly before man, and fearfully before G-d; when you stand wary of sin – then the spirit of G-d’s Presence will rest upon you, as will the splendor of His … Continue reading

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“Rebbe Nachman says, when you want to jump over a rope, you don’t stand in front of the rope and jump over.  You have to go back a little.  Then you jump.  This is one of the classic Torah teachings … Continue reading

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Beyond What the Eye Can See

“True faith is greater than an actual observation of miracles, for with the power of faith one can see what the eyes do not!” ~ The Chiddushei Hari”m zt”l from Torah Tavlin

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Slaves of Stuff

“There was a time when people did not have careers. People did not live to acquire material wealth. People worked to earn enough for their families to eat that day, with a little extra saved for a special occasion. Today … Continue reading

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Our Desires

“Hashem loves our desires more than our successes. He does not need success, he needs those who don’t succeed, who stumble, who are humiliated and down and yet not broken – they start anew. We must remember that everything that … Continue reading

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Hashem’s Assitance

“One’s evil inclination overwhelms a person daily, were it not for Hashem’s assistance, he could not prevail.”  ~ Talmud Sukka 52b

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The Purpose

“The intent of all the mitzvoth are that we believe in Hashem and thank Him for being our Creator; this is the purpose of all creation.  The sole request of the upper worlds from the nether worlds is that man … Continue reading

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