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Our Desires

“Hashem loves our desires more than our successes. He does not need success, he needs those who don’t succeed, who stumble, who are humiliated and down and yet not broken – they start anew. We must remember that everything that … Continue reading

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Hashem’s Assitance

“One’s evil inclination overwhelms a person daily, were it not for Hashem’s assistance, he could not prevail.”  ~ Talmud Sukka 52b

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The Purpose

“The intent of all the mitzvoth are that we believe in Hashem and thank Him for being our Creator; this is the purpose of all creation.  The sole request of the upper worlds from the nether worlds is that man … Continue reading

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It Starts With Rejection

“The approach to G-d starts with rejection. When a man wants to draw closer to G-d he usually experiences all manner of hardships harsh experiences and fierce obstacles. He starts believing he has been rejected. But, in fact everything is … Continue reading

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Misappropriation of Funds

“Each of us is allocated just the amount of time we need to get our mission done. Some of that time will be for learning, teaching, helping others. Some of that time will be needed for making a living—also a … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as Easy Money

“Remember, nothing truly good in life comes without dedication and hard work. To paraphrase our sages, if you work hard for an achievement, believe that it’s for real. If it comes easy, then don’t believe in it. Remembering this principle … Continue reading

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“A man who doesn’t believe in miracles, isn’t realistic” ~ David Ben-Gurion

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