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Sign Language

You are forbidden to convey loshon hora through hints and signs, hand or finger motions, and facial expressions. “Mr. Weiss is a considerate fellow.  Sure he is (in a sarcastic tone).” “Joe is very honest (cough, cough).” “Sara is extremely … Continue reading

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Even the wicked are full of Mitzvos

Once, during a private audience, the Rebbe quoted a passage from the Talmud that states, “Even the wicked are full of mitzvos like seeds in a pomegranate.” This Talmudic statement had bothered the man visiting the Rebbe for some time. He … Continue reading

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When a child feels something is missing the child wants it, demands it with all his heart and soul and demands it now. The world is not the way it should be. None of us are in our proper place. … Continue reading

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Walk Modestly

Even when you are in the most private room and no one can see you, still “Walk modestly with your God” (Micah 6:8) since His glory fills the entire earth. ~ R’ Shabtai Shftel Horowitz zt”l

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Retirement Plan

“Working for Hashem on earth does not usually pay much, but His retirement plan is out of this world!”

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“Believing in G-d means believing G-d believes in Me.” ~ R’ Shlomo Katz

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The Benefit of the Doubt

We are commanded to give every person the benefit of the doubt.  Why then, are people sometimes hesitant to give Hashem the same benefit of the doubt? ~ R’ Aharon Karliner zt”l

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Showing an Email or Letter to Others

You are forbidden to show someone’s letter [or email] to others in order to belittle its writer.  Even if you don’t make any comments, if the reader will get the impression that the writer is lacking in general intelligence or … Continue reading

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R’ Shlomo Freifeld zt”l

At a question and answer session, a newcomer asked R’ Shlomo Freifeld zt”l a question. “What is yiras Shamayim?” Reb Shlomo silently pondered the question, clearly marveling at the fact that a young man with several generations of pure southern … Continue reading

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Kad Yavsin {Song}

Here is another very holy song from the Zohar Hakadosh.  Enjoy! When the Jewish people immerse themselves in the joy of studying Torah, the Holy One Blessed is He, Says to all His heavenly hosts: Look! Look! at my beloved … Continue reading

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