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Take Advantage of an Eis Ratzon

When one passes a difficult test, that time is an eis ratzon, a very auspicious time, for tefillah. There was a yungerman whose daughter was lo aleinu in a hospital in Be’er Sheva. The doctors lost hope for her survival. They … Continue reading

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The Empty Seat

As I once entered a wedding hall and scanned from side to side for an open seat, I spotted one a distance away at which several people I knew were seated. “That’s perfect,” I thought to myself, “I’ll be able … Continue reading

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Holding a Pen

There was once a famous strong man named Breitbart who became so weak due to illness that he was unable to hold a pen in his hand. At the time, an article was published which stated “the same hands that … Continue reading

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The Diamond Ring

Years ago, a student of mine bought a house from a non-Jewish woman who was getting on in her years. As the elderly lady was about to leave the house for the last time, she confided in the young man … Continue reading

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Shabbat Shalom Dave – Great Story

Growing up in a non-observant home, Dave wound up in yeshiva at Ohr Somayach. As time progressed, he began observing Shabbat and growing in his understanding of Torah and mitzvot. After spending a period of time in yeshiva, he decided … Continue reading

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Smooth Sailing?

Challenges are not an unfortunate fact of life, but rather, a sign of Hashem’s trust and confidence in your ability to prevail. In the late 1800s, the Jewish population of Europe was going through particularly difficult times.  The Rebbe of … Continue reading

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Can I have an Apple?

A lovely little boy was holding two apples with both hands.  His mother came in and softly asked her little boy with a smile: My sweetie, could you give your mom one of your two apples? The boy looked up … Continue reading

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