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How to Wake up on Time for Davening

A mashgiach of a certain yeshivah once came to Rav Elyashiv and told him that the students in his yeshivah had a difficult time waking up in the morning to get to davening on time.  The mashgiach asked how to … Continue reading

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Quick Story and Lesson Regarding Kiddush Friday Night

During World War II, the Nazis were fast approaching Eretz Yisrael, and the Jews there were gripped with fear. Special prayer gatherings were held, and people pleaded to Hashem for protection. There was one Rabbi, Rav Shlomo Zviel, who was unaware … Continue reading

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Fire is one sixtieth of purgatory, honey is one sixtieth of manna, Shabbat is one sixtieth of the World to Come, sleep is one sixtieth of death, a dream is one sixtieth of prophesy. ~ Talmud, Berachot 57b

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Someone who brings just one chair for himself is merely a shlepper.  But one who brings two, one for himself and one for a friend, is a ba’al chesed. ~ R’ Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz zt”l

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Constant Testing

We know that Hashem is constantly testing us. Not merely testing if we’ll choose between good and bad; but to see whether we’ll choose to see and recognize the ways of Hashem, or if we will choose to be blind and to … Continue reading

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Fear of God

All the Torah in the world won’t save a person unless he has Yiras Shomayim. ~ Shabbos 31b

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Ensure your Eternal Reward

The way to ensure ourselves of eternal reward for all our good deeds is by avoiding loshon hora.  ~ The Chofetz Chaim zt”l Just a reminder not to just read these quotes and say to yourself “nice quote.”   Really … Continue reading

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What Did Shlomo Carlebach do on his Last Day on Earth?

“Rabbi Eliezer would say: The honor of your fellow should be as precious to you as your own, and do not be easy to anger. Repent one day before your death…”  ~ Pirkei Avos (2:10) With the above mishna in mind … Continue reading

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Our Wishes

Hashem is more than happy to give us our heart’s wishes — but only on condition that they’re good for us. ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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And Torah is Light…

R’ Moshe Chaim Luzatto in Derech Eitz Chaim explains that Torah is literally “light,” not merely a study of wisdom or science.  When one studies Torah, it actually illuminates his mind, body, and life.  The Torah is Hashem’s wisdom, which … Continue reading

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