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Stay Connected

 “When one is connected Above, one does not fall down below.” ~ R’ Meir of Premishlan  zt”l

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“A person accomplishes much more through patience, than with all the anger in the world.” ~ R’Chaim of Volzhin zt”l

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The Shame of Recognition

R’ Tzadok HaKohen of Lublin explains that the purgatory one experiences for his sins in the afterworld is the scalding embarrassment of having to face the truth of his mistakes in life.  Much like being forced to watch a film … Continue reading

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What defines a house?

A container is defined by its contents: A pitcher of water is water. A crate of apples is apples. A house, too, is defined by what it contains. Fill your house with books of Torah, and your house becomes a … Continue reading

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Fear Yourself

“If there is something to fear, it is not what will happen in the material world.  Don’t fear disease.  Don’t fear financial woes.  Those are challenges that can help you grow.  Fear spiritual disaster.  Fear the fact that if you … Continue reading

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Do As You Can

If you can’t do as you wish, do as you can. Az me ken nit vi me vil, tut men vi me ken.  

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R’ Yaakov Kamenetsky at Age 6

At age six, Yaakov was sitting in shul one day when some men who were studying needed to know a certain verse in the Song of Devorah (Shoftim ch. 5) but they could not find a Sefer Shoftim or a … Continue reading

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Live Forever

“We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give.” ~ Chicken Soup for the Neshama

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The Highest Mystery

“Human Prayer is the service of the spirit.  Although people do not realize it, it involved the highest mysteries.  For prayers split through the atmosphere, through all firmaments, open all doors, and ascend on high.” ~ Zohar as quoted by … Continue reading

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The Greatest of Miracles

Matter was created out of nothing, which is the greatest of all miracles.  It follows that every stone or clod of earth is, by its mere existence, the greatest miracle.  In addition, it possesses extreme holiness, for it is naught … Continue reading

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