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Would you Trade Places with Abraham?

“If I was offered to trade places with Abraham Our Father, I wouldn’t do it. What would G-d get from this? He’d still have one Abraham and one Zushe!”  ~ R’ Zushe of Anipoli

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Filling Your Resume with Vacation Spots

Attempt to go through all our sacred books in the course of your lifetime.  You will have then visited every place in the Torah.  The very rich constantly travel from land to land.  They spend huge amounts just so they … Continue reading

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Causing Damage without saying anything Derogatory

Any statement, even if not derogatory, that might ultimately cause financial loss, physical pain, mental anguish, or any damage, is loshon hora. ~ Guard Your Tongue

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R’ Yaakov Kamenetsky’s Shalom Bayis

Shortly after R’ Yaakov Kamenetsky’s second marriage, Shavuos fell on Friday.  The rebbetzin prepared an elaborate dairy Kiddush, including an assortment of cheese dishes.  R’ Yaakov had forgotten to tell her that it was his family’s minhag (custom) not to … Continue reading

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What Befits Your Income

One should always eat less than befits his income, dress as befits his income and provide for his wife and children beyond what befits his income. ~ Rambam and Chazal

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A Single Act

A single act is better than a thousand groans. Our G-d lives, and Torah and mitzvot are eternal; quit the groaning and work hard in actual avoda, and G-d will be gracious to you. ~ Rebbe Rashab Sholom Dovber Schneersohn of … Continue reading

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Hashem’s Phone number

People seek spirituality. They seek G-d’s phone number. Kabalah teaches us that G-d’s presence is invested in a Mitzvah. The proper translation of a Mitzvah is a connection. A Mitzvah is G-d’s phone number. ~  R’ Yisrael Baron Click here … Continue reading

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