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As Difficult as Splitting the Sea

How can we understand the words of our Sages (Sotah 2a, Pesachim 118a) that matchmaking and creating livelihoods for people are as difficult for Hakadosh Baruch Hu as the splitting of the sea?  Difficult for Hashem? There is no such … Continue reading

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Use a lot of Water

The gemara in Shabbos 62b states that “One who belittles (degrades) the mitzvah of washing hands before eating bread will become poor.”  On a more positive note, the gemara continues with a statement from Rav Chisda who explains that he … Continue reading

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Our Mistaken Belief

Man suffers from sorrow because he mistakenly thinks that “silver and gold are the handiwork of man” (Tehillim 115:4), so he torments himself to make money and is despondent at its loss, not realizing that a person’s income is determined by the will … Continue reading

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Anger Uproots Blessing

“One argument can destroy a hundred livelihoods,” wrote the Shlah HaKodesh.  That is, hatred and strife can shut down the channels of heavenly blessings, which are the very source of our sustenance.  In Likuety Moharan, Rabbi Nachman [of Breslov] explains … Continue reading

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Money can be compared to salt.  In moderation, it improves one’s life, but if a person is consumed with adding and acquiring more and more money, the entire taste of life is ruined! ~ R’ Simcha Bunim of P’shischah zt”l

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What Befits Your Income

One should always eat less than befits his income, dress as befits his income and provide for his wife and children beyond what befits his income. ~ Rambam and Chazal

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Making a living is all about plumbing. You’ve got a reservoir up there, a water tank down here, and you need some way to connect the two. The reservoir of life up there can’t be changed or moved. As for … Continue reading

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