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Increase the Power

One who does a Mitzvah  and serves Hashem with Simchah actually causes their Yetzer Tov to increase in power. ~ Seifer Eglei Tal According to Kabbalah, when a boy turns 13, he receives a new Neshama, which is actually the Yetzer Tov.  This … Continue reading

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The best way to gain a proper perspective about life is to visit a cemetery.  ~ Chayai Hamussar

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The Torah’s prohibitions of making statues and bowing down to them additionally apply in contemporary terms, expressed today through submission to the forces that one perceives as controlling one’s sustenance, be it one’s employers, the larger system of powers that … Continue reading

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Better to be Prepared

In order to have peace of mind prepare yourself in advance to accept with serenity whatever occurs.  People who expect everything in life to go the way they wish are caught off balance by difficult life situations.  Have an awareness … Continue reading

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Going Up on the Descending Escalator

A person constantly goes from one level of the next.  If he does not keep going up, he will start going down.  It is impossible for a person to remain on one level. ~ The Vilna Gaon

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Ru’ach Hakodesh

One who guards his tongue merits ru’ach hakodesh (Divine inspiration). ~ Zohar, Chukas

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Holding a Pen

There was once a famous strong man named Breitbart who became so weak due to illness that he was unable to hold a pen in his hand. At the time, an article was published which stated “the same hands that … Continue reading

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Loss of Days

Man worries about the loss of his money but does not concern himself with the loss of his days; his material possessions do not help him while his days will not return to him ~ Mesilas Yesharim

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Human Nature

It is human nature for a person to judge one’s fellow by his own traits. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe

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Just Imagine – Very Deep

Spend a few minutes imagining what it would be like if you had absolutely nothing: no family, no friends, no possessions, no money at all, no knowledge, no eyes, ears, hands, feet – absolutely nothing.  Continue this until you actually … Continue reading

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