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So Holy, it’s Beyond Comprehension

The concept of Shabbos is far beyond our comprehension.  We will never understand the full measure of the kedusha of Shabbos.  Shabbos is much more than refraining from doing the 39 forbidden labors.  It is a time when Hashem’s glory … Continue reading

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One Small Step

Hashem says to Klal Yisrael, “If you make an opening as small as the point of a needle, I will make an opening for you as wide as the portal of the Sanctuary.” If we take a very modest first … Continue reading

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The Zohar says that Retzeih, which is inserted into the bentching on Shabbos, should be said with deep concentration, since this brings about great rectification in the heavenly realm. ~ Yesod Veshoresh Haavodah

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Shabbos Lights

Shabbos does not really need our lights; Shabbos itself as a source of radiance, and with the arrival of Shabbos every Jewish home is lit up with this splendor of Shabbos. Then why do we Kindle Shabbos lights? The Sages … Continue reading

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The Neshama Yeseirah

With the arrival of Shabbos, we all receive a neshama yeseirah (additional soul), but in some people it is more vibrant than in others.  It all depends on the preparation a person has made; the more enthusiastic his kavanah (intention), … Continue reading

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The Smell of Shabbos

It happened one Friday that the gaon Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Freund stepped into the kitchen where the Shabbos meal was being cooked.  The vapor of the dishes filled the kitchen.  Said Rabbi Moshe Aryeh: “If women knew the powerful remedies … Continue reading

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Tzeitchem l’shalom

On Shabbos, a Jew is on a higher level than the angels, because the realm of Shabbos is even loftier than that of the angels. This may explain the last verse of the the hymn, Shalom Aleichem with which we … Continue reading

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A Mark on the Forehead

A devout man who had passed away appeared to his friend in a dream.  The friend noticed that the man had a mark on his forehead.  The departed told his friend that his mark was a punishment for speaking during … Continue reading

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How to Eat and Drink

If one eats beef and drinks wine not out of physical desire, but in order to broaden his mind for the service of G‑d and Torah, as Rava said, “Wine and fragrance make my mind more receptive,” or in order … Continue reading

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Source of Blessings for the Upcoming Week

Shabbos is the wellspring of all blessings – both material and spiritual – for the upcoming week.  We must therefore accord much more honor to Shabbos than to the weekdays.  Since the mitzvah of Shabbos is the source of blessing … Continue reading

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