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What did R’ Yisroel Salanter zt”l look like?

His appearance was awesome.  He was graced with beauty, but it was wisdom and fear of G-d that lit up his pure face.  When he was was sunk in thoughts of Torah or Mussar, his body seemed to leave its … Continue reading

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Check Yourself

One cannot gain entrance to Gan Eden by causing Gehennom for others. Simple example: Those who daven in a loud voice, so that HaShem should hear them, while disturbing other daveners. ~ R’ Nachman Kahana

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Misappropriation of Funds

Each of us is allocated from above just the amount of time we need to get our mission done. Some of that time will be for learning, teaching, helping others. Some of that time will be needed for making a … Continue reading

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A Miracle

A blade of grass is a miracle, it’s more complicated than a skyscraper. Imagine a skyscraper would grow in your backyard; a blade of grass makes a skyscraper into nothing, it’s so complicated. A skyscraper can’t grow. This can grow … Continue reading

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Alacrity is not only in the feet, but also – and perhaps mainly – in the mind. ~ R’ Avraham Grodzinsky zt”l

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You 2.0

Everyday, work on making yourself into a better version of your yesterday’s self.

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If someone reveals to you some neutral information in a manner which shows that he would like it to be kept a secret, you are forbidden to repeat it to others.  This applies even if he does not explicitly tell … Continue reading

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I just want to apologize for the email that mistakenly went out this morning.  I had previously set up tonight’s post to go out at 8:30 pm, or at least I thought I did, but it instead went out on … Continue reading

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The Lost Wallet

A traveler arrived in Frankfurt and realized that he had lost his wallet.  He went to Rabbi Avraham Abish Lissa, the local rabbi, who reassured him “Don’t worry, your money will be found. But first, recite the morning prayers.” While … Continue reading

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Darkness is not chased away with sticks, not even with cannons.  One simply lights a small candle, and the darkness flees before it. ~ The Chofetz Chaim

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