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Longing to Perform a Mitzvah

A person who longs to perform some mitzvah but is unsuccessful will be rewarded with children.  They will inherit his greatness and will accomplish this mitzvah. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslev zt”l By the way, yesterday began a new 6 … Continue reading

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There are two types of events in life: Good and very good. Sweet and bitter-sweet. Why bitter-sweet? Sweet, because from each event in life we grow. Bitter, because it is so painful to tear ourselves away from who we once … Continue reading

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To be content means to be satisfied with the material possessions one has.  One who wants more than he has is suffering from “desire.”  All transgressions stem from desire.  Its opposite – contentment – is the basis for the whole … Continue reading

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“Time is Money”

The world says that time is money, but I say that money is time.  To earn enough money to satisfy his desires, man must sacrifice so much time.  For me, that sacrifice is too great. ~ Chofetz Chaim zt”l – … Continue reading

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Identify that Tefilah #11

“My God, guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking deceitfully.” The answer will be in tomorrow’s post.

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The Day(s) After Purim

Rabbi Meir Shalom of Porisov would make it a point to distribute money to the poor on the day after Purim.  He would say “Since there is a special obligation to give gifts to the poor on Purim, people neglect … Continue reading

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All For Your Children

Every day, take one half hour to think about your children and where they’re headed. Then do all you can about it. Then do more. ~ I believe this is from R’ Tzvi Freeman

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Imitating Haman

A Purim play was put on in the yeshiva, with the main characters being Moredechai and Esther.  “Playing the role of Haman is easy, R’ Yoself Yozel Hurwitz commented, “for everyone has a touch of arrogance and cruelty.  But to … Continue reading

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Almost 100 years ago, after visiting America, R’ Meir Shapiro zt”l, the founder of “daf yomi,” commented that “American Jewry has learned to make Kiddush; it has not yet learned how to make havdalah!” Havdalah – the ability to identify … Continue reading

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Honor him

One should regard everyone else as greater than himself. If another is more of a talmid chochom, one is obligated to honor him. If another is wealthier, he is also deserving of honor as Talmud Eruvin 86a relates: “Rabbi Yehuda … Continue reading

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