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Test time – Who knows One?

At the end of the Seder we sing Echad Mi Yodeia.  The song is written in question and answer form: “Who knows one? I know one. One is Hashem in the heaven and the earth. Who knows two?…Two are the … Continue reading

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Chad Gadya

I would like to share a thought I saw from Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein. In Chad Gadya, we read how a man purchased a goat for two zuzim. Along came a cat and ate the goat; then a dog ate the … Continue reading

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If you abuse wine [tirosh], you will become  rash-poor.  If you use it properly, you will become rosh-a leader.  ~ Talmud Yoma 76b

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Hide and Seek

The Kotzker Rebbe once saw a child crying.  When the Rebbe questioned his tears, the child explained, “I was playing hide and seek with my friends and they haven’t found me.” “But isn’t that the point of the game: to … Continue reading

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Not my Problem

Just like a child does not worry about how his abba (father) is going to pay the bills, we should not worry how our abba is going pay the bills. My job is do daven 3 times per day, learn … Continue reading

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Two Slips of Paper in your Pocket

Every person should have two slips of paper in his pocket. On one should be written: “The world was created for me,” and on the other: “I am but dust and ashes.” A person has to have the wisdom to … Continue reading

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The Natural Faculty of Our Soul

Not with depression, not with fearfulness, not with sentimental weakness must we turn to the Divine Light, but with clear knowledge that what flows from the depths of our heart to approach God is a natural, complete, and healthy faculty. … Continue reading

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No Worries

A person who worries about spiritual matters no longer worries about material matters. ~ The Chofetz Chaim zt”l

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Just Do It

The mussar teachings tell us that the most important aspect of loving-kindness is not what you feel, but rather what you do. Our most valuable acts of loving-kindness take place when we overcome an inner resistance, and do the benevolent … Continue reading

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Why do human beings have cravings over and above their physical needs? It must be that God implanted these unnecessary cravings in us as a challenge. They give us an opportunity to exercise self-control, which enables us to rise to … Continue reading

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