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Open Your Spiritual Eyes

The man whispered, “G-d, speak to me,” and a meadowlark sang. But the man did not hear. So the man yelled, “G-d, speak to me!” And the thunder rolled across the sky. The man still did not listen. He looked … Continue reading

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Husbands, try this tonight

Shabbos evening upon returning from Maariv, Rav Simcha Zissel Ziv zt”l would pause for a while in the entrance of his home to study all the Shabbos preparations.  He would observe the beautifully set table and the many delicious foods … Continue reading

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Fire & Water

Just as fire and water cannot coexist in one vessel, so too, the love of this world and the love of the next world cannot coexist in the heart of the believer. ~ Rabbeinu Bachya ibn Pekuda zt”l

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What Excites You?

That which excites a man, serves as a test by which his worth is recognized. When after a banquet one man is enthusiastic over the words of Torah which had been spoken, and another praises the songs, and a third … Continue reading

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Anger is Contagious

Anger is contagious.  By associating with a short-tempered person, one may also come to adopt his nature.  ~ R’ Samson Raphael Hirsh zt”l

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If you believe that it is possible to break, believe that it is also possible to fix. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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Be Known for This

When a person is known to refrain from listening to loshon hora, gossipmongers will avoid speaking in his presence, even when their words are intended for others to hear and not for him. ~ Chofetz Chaim

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Flaming Hebrew Letters Brought Her Soul Back

Sherry Levi shifted gears as she headed up the windy highway towards Jerusalem. This was a familiar road, flanked by pine tree hills and as usual typical with the anxious people driving to get to work. Today you could tell … Continue reading

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“Wake up from your slumber!”

If one does not awaken himself, how will he be helped by mussar? ~ Rabbeinu Yonah

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Making a living is all about plumbing. You’ve got a reservoir up there, a water tank down here, and you need some way to connect the two. The reservoir of life up there can’t be changed or moved. As for … Continue reading

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