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The Future Redemption

“At the time of the future redemption, all will be as clear as day, and we will understand exactly how the hand of Divine Providence guided us through the long night of exile.” ~ R’ Elchanan Wasserman zt”l Torah Tavlin

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If a person is not knowledgeable of the law of a given prohibition, then no amount of mussar will help him. ~ The Chofetz Chaim

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Pesach Story from Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt”l

Once there was a rich man who wanted to give Elijah his due and purchased an exquisite silver goblet in his honor.  He and his wife enjoyed using it at the Seder for many years.  One year, he lost all … Continue reading

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What is Pesach?

Pesach is the Rosh HaShana of Emuna, Faith in Hashem. ~ Rav Gamliel Rabbinovitz, Shlit”a

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A New Start

“If a person falls from his [spiritual] level, he should know that it is something sent to him by the hand of Heaven.  The whole purpose of the rejection is that he should be drawn closer. The reason for the … Continue reading

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No Reason to get Angry

“At the time of a person’s anger, faith in G-d has left him.  For were he to believe that what happened to him was G-d’s doing, he would not be angry at all.  And while it is true that the … Continue reading

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Imagine Eternity – Please Read!!!

We all know that what we do here in this world will greatly affect our position for all eternity in the World to Come.  But what is eternity? “One has to imagine an enormous mountain of sand situated next to … Continue reading

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True Emuna

“When a person has true emuna in Hashem, suffering does not break him and good fortune does not make him drunk with pleasure.”  ~ R’ Avraham Farbstein zt”l from Torah Tavlin Tomorrow’s quote is a little longer, but if you … Continue reading

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Never Satiated

“One who truly loves to learn Torah for its own sake can never be tired of it and never be satiated.  Have you ever heard a drunk say that he’s had enough to drink?” ~ R’ Mordechai Gifter zt”l – … Continue reading

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“Marriage is a microcosm of the soul’s descent into this world: If you are here looking for what you can get out of this world, then the world and all its trappings will only drag you down. But if you … Continue reading

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