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If only…

“If people would truly heed the tzaddikim and always believe in Hashem that everything is for the best, and if they’d give thanks and praise to Hashem always, whether in good times or in bad times, then all their troubles … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Think About Yourself

“If you think about yourself all day, you are guaranteed to become depressed.  Take an hour a day to think of how you can benefit someone else.” ~ R’ Tzvi Freeman

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The Soul of a Tzaddik’s Assistance

“The Arizal Hakadosh revealed that as soon as a person contemplates doing a mitzvah – the soul of a tzaddik from a previous generation who used to chase this particular mitzvah immediately appears and imparts the strength to perform the … Continue reading

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The Sin of Bitul Torah

“The sin of Bitul Torah is so much more serious that any other sin, that even a wicked person standing before the Heavenly Tribunal will grasp at any other excuse for not having devoted himself to Torah!  How can we … Continue reading

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Judah Ben Samuel’s Prediction for the Coming of Moshiach

I don’t usually post articles on this blog, but ever since reading this a week ago, I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  I think it is very worthwhile for you all to read. Judah Ben Samuel was a legendary and … Continue reading

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Tell G-d your story

“There is such a thing as praying, which is very deep, but Rebbe Nachman says this is not the deepest depths of closeness to G-d.  The deepest depths of closeness to G-d is when you can tell G-d your story.  … Continue reading

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A Golden Invitation from Hashem

“When a Jew stands before us asking for help, we should imagine that it is Hashem sending us a golden invitation to ascend towards Him. We are following His path, for His kindness and love towards us is infinite. Nothing … Continue reading

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Perceptive Repair

“If you see what needs to be repaired and how to repair it, then you have found a piece of the world that G‑d has left for you to complete. But if you only see what is wrong and how … Continue reading

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Some of the Benefits of Emuna

“Among the benefits of trust in G-d in this world are the following: a heart at rest, free of worldly cares; a tranquil spirit, undisturbed and untroubled by lack of bodily gratification; a sense of calm, security and peace.  As … Continue reading

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A Public Letter by the Chofetz Chaim – 5674

…The war that has broken out is truly fearsome, affecting every member of Klal Yisrael both physically and spiritually.  There is no doubt that Hashem has caused it to happen in order to arouse us to return to Him in … Continue reading

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