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Not About the Hours

The determination of a masmid (diligent learner) is not how many hours he learns a day, but how many minutes he learns an hour. ~ Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

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“All his time Learning Torah”

The Arizal stated the following regarding the first night of Shavuos: “Know that one who does not sleep at all this night, but instead spends all his time learning Torah, is guaranteed that he will live out the year and … Continue reading

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Why do we Count Up?

Normally, when we count down to something, it is all about reaching the goal.  With Sefiras Haomer, however, it is not just about reaching that goal of Matan Torah, but rather the work we put in to getting to that … Continue reading

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Past Learning

The mitzvah of Torah study is incumbent every moment.  Past learning does not exempt a person from learning now.  A person who wastes several hours violates the mitzvah of Torah study with every single moment. ~ The Chofetz Chaim zt”l

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More to Gain

When feeling joy, you will be able to gain more from one hour of Torah study than from many hours of studying when sad. ~ R’ Chaim of Volozhin zt”l

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New Book written by an Angel!

If we were told that there exists a book written by the angel Gabriel, how we would yearn to read it!  And here we have before us a Book written by G-d Himself!  ~ The Chofetz Chaim zt”l

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Grab and Eat!

Chazal said, “This world is like a wedding banquet – grab and eat!” We must never wait for a “better time” to fulfill our spiritual obligations, but must grab whatever we can now, even in the middle of our disorganized … Continue reading

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