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“The pasuk states: ‘Any open vessel with no cover fastened to it is impure.’  Every human being is a vessel in the service of Hashem.  Thus, he requires a head-covering in order to control the level of outside influence that … Continue reading

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Speak Gently

“Accustom yourself to speak gently to all people at all times.  This will protect you from anger – a most serious character flaw which causes one to sin.  Our Rabbis taught ‘Whoever flares up in anger is subject to the … Continue reading

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Strike Back

“Hashem is with us in all of our downfalls and He supports us in rising again.  Hashem is with us even in the worst moments, even if we are very distant, He is perpetually ready to receive us. A person … Continue reading

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Making a Living

“Working for a living is good. G-d wants us to be involved in the material world in order to make it spiritual. What’s not good are the anxieties over making a living.  Don’t let your inner self get involved in … Continue reading

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Who Are You Fooling?

“You cannot fool God; ultimately, you cannot fool others either. The only one you can fool is yourself. And to fool a fool is no great achievement.”~ The Rebbe Maharash, Rabbi Shmuel Schneersohn of Lubavitch

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Baruch Hu U’varuch Shemo

Rabbi Elya Lopian once repeated something he had heard from the Alter of Kelm.  He said “It was worthwhile for Hashem to create the world, and to keep it existing for six thousand years, just for one person to recite … Continue reading

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Far, Yet Near

“God is both far and near.  How is this?  Rabbi Yehudah bar Shimon said:  From here to the heavens is a journey of 500 years.  We thus see that God is far. How do we know that He is close?  … Continue reading

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Demanding Honor

“If one becomes angry and curses and blames others who have not given him sufficient honor, that itself is proper reason for his not deserving the honor he is demanding.” ~ The Steipler Gaon from Torah Tavlin

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Jewish Law

Jewish law in general and the belief that Hashem does everything for the very best in particular, is designed for everyone.  Hashem doesn’t make demands that we can’t fulfill.” ~ The Garden of Emuna

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Rising to the Next Level

The following is very deep and I think explains why sometimes we are on such a spiritual high and then soon find ourselves on a spiritual low. “When a person wishes to enter into the service of God – and … Continue reading

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