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Revealing that Someone is a Baal Tshuvah

You are forbidden to relate information about a person’s past misdeeds or the misdeeds of his family even if you do not intend to belittle him, and you will not cause the listener to think less of him, as he … Continue reading

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R’ Chayim of Tzanz zt”l

Rabbi Chayim of Tzanz used to give all his money away to the poor.  One of his sons suggested that he should at least keep enough money to buy books for himself. “You’re mistaken,” said Rav Chayim.  “Whenever I need … Continue reading

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The Diametric Opposite

The virtue that is required for oneself is the diametric opposite of that which one is required to exercise in relation to others.  This is particularly true concerning humility, which is the sublimest of all traits. A person is required … Continue reading

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Admitting a Mistake

There is no shame in admitting that one made a mistake.  But to stubbornly refuse to admit to a mistake is indeed shameful! ~ The Pele Yoetz as quoted in Torah Tavlin

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Pay Close Attention

If a person pays close attention while he performs a mitzvah, he will sense in his soul that he is clothed and enveloped in kedusha, and that a new, upright spirit has arisen within him. ~ R’ Chaim Volozhin zt”l

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God is your shadow (Psalms 121:5) As man acts, God Reacts ~ The Ba’al Shem Tov

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The Arizal’s Guarantee

Regarding the first night of Shavuos, the Arizal writes “Know that one who does not sleep at all this night, but instead spends all his time learning Torah, is guaranteed that he will live out the year and no harm … Continue reading

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Would the Torah have suited any other nation?

The people of Israel possess so fiery a nature that they would have become builders of world empires, and their exceptional talents would have been expended on worldly achievements.  The Torah was made for them, and they were made for … Continue reading

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So deep!

R’ Chaim Volozhin once said, “The yetzer hora steals in and says, ‘Speak about me in the study of Mussar all you wish, as long as you don’t learn Torah the while.’”  R’ Itzele [Peterburger] added, “That was in those … Continue reading

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The Left Ear

Kabbalists teach that each month of the year corresponds to a major body part.  This month, Sivan, corresponds to the left ear.  Because all year long, Hashem’s words go in the right ear and out the other.  However, when the … Continue reading

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