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Would the Torah have suited any other nation?

The people of Israel possess so fiery a nature that they would have become builders of world empires, and their exceptional talents would have been expended on worldly achievements.  The Torah was made for them, and they were made for … Continue reading

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So deep!

R’ Chaim Volozhin once said, “The yetzer hora steals in and says, ‘Speak about me in the study of Mussar all you wish, as long as you don’t learn Torah the while.’”  R’ Itzele [Peterburger] added, “That was in those … Continue reading

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The Left Ear

Kabbalists teach that each month of the year corresponds to a major body part.  This month, Sivan, corresponds to the left ear.  Because all year long, Hashem’s words go in the right ear and out the other.  However, when the … Continue reading

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Children walk in the path of their parents’ actions, and not necessarily in the path of their parents’ preaching. ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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MIsdeeds: Past and Present

You are forbidden to belittle someone by telling others about his family’s misbehavior or his own past misbehavior, especially when he presently behaves properly.  ~ Guard Your Tongue

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Holy Brother – A favor for the sake of a favor

I was walking down Broadway on Friday night when an African-American panhandler approached me for money.  In the tradition of my Rebbe, I apologized to him and explained that I observe the Sabbath, and therefore didn’t have any cash on … Continue reading

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Worrying for Others

A pious Jew is not one who worries about his fellow man’s soul and his own stomach; a pious Jew worries about his own soul and his fellow man’s stomach. ~ R’ Yisroel Salanter zt”l

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