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Each Word

Just as a k’zayis of pork is a sin unto itself, so too is each word of slander. ~ Chafetz Chaim

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Shabbat Shalom Dave – Great Story

Growing up in a non-observant home, Dave wound up in yeshiva at Ohr Somayach. As time progressed, he began observing Shabbat and growing in his understanding of Torah and mitzvot. After spending a period of time in yeshiva, he decided … Continue reading

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Beyond Your Control

A person who accepts calmly whatever is beyond his control is the truly wealthy person. ~ Mivchar Hapeninim

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Opportunities to Think

When you wake up in the middle of the night or have a long wait in a doctor’s office, cherish those moments as opportunities to think.  A wise person uses these opportunities to learn more about himself and to think … Continue reading

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People who focus on what they are missing are blinded to what they have.  ~ R’ Zelig Pliskin

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3 Good Questions

He (Hillel) used to say: If I am not for myself, who will be for me?  And if I am for myself only, what am I?  And if not now, when? ~ Pirkei Avos 1:14

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Yom Hashoah – Moment of Silence

If we held a moment of silence for every victim of the holocaust, we would be silent for eleven and a half years.

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Lost Everything

“In the war, I lost my entire family – I simply lost everything; but God I did not lose.” ~ The Klausenberger Rebbe zt”l (1905-1994) who during the Holocaust, lost his wife and 11 children in Auschwitz as he suffered … Continue reading

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Perfect Tranquility

A person who fears Heaven stands before the Creator of the Universe, knowing that his task is to do His will.  Nothing else is important, and therefore nothing else bothers him.  In fear of Heaven there is perfect tranquility. ~ … Continue reading

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The Best

If you are content with the best you have done, you will never do the best you can do.

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