Shabbat Shalom Dave – Great Story

Growing up in a non-observant home, Dave wound up in yeshiva at Ohr Somayach. As time progressed, he began observing Shabbat and growing in his understanding of Torah and mitzvot. After spending a period of time in yeshiva, he decided that he would return home to his parents. “If you return home,” a rabbi of his explained, “it will be very difficult for you to observe Shabbat. There you have no rabbi, no shul and a non-observant home. We recommend that you stay here for longer.” After some back and forth, Dave chose to leave.

Finally at home, Shabbat was to begin in just a few hours. “What am I going to do? Stay at home all day?” Dave wondered. “My parents watch television, and it will be very challenging for me to keep Shabbat.” And so, he turned to G-d. “G-d, if everything they taught me in yeshiva is true, please give me a sign. If You give me a sign, I promise I will keep Shabbat for the rest of my life.”

Shabbat began, but no sign. “You know what G-d? I’ll give you an extension until midnight. If by midnight You give me a sign, I will not break Shabbat.” Came midnight, but no sign.

“Okay G-d, I’ll give you one more extension so you won’t say I’m unfair. 12:15.” Fifteen minutes later, still no sign. And with the click of a button, on went the television. As Dave turned the television on, he immediately came across the David Letterman show. Friday night at 12:15 am, David Letterman was interviewing Tom Hanks, a well-known filmmaker. “So,” David Letterman asked his guest, “what have you been up to lately?” “I just got back from Israel,” Tom replied. “Oh really, did you learn any Hebrew?” “In fact, I did.” Turning towards the camera, Tom said, “Shabbat Shalom Dave!” Dave was shocked as he stared into the television. With his very own eyes he had just seen exactly what he needed: Shabbat Shalom Dave!

Sometimes we are looking and looking all over the place for a message, yet we seem to be unable to find it. But then the switch goes on and lights up right before us exactly what we needed to see and hear. “I am here,” Hashem says, “make sure you don’t forget.” ~ Rabbi Mordechai Becher from Torah Anytime

Here is the actual video clip:


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2 Responses to Shabbat Shalom Dave – Great Story

  1. sheldan says:

    This story appeared in Hanoch Teller’s “It’s a Small World After All.”

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