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You Decide, G-d will Assist

“In the way a man wishes to go, he is led.”  בדרך שאדם רוצה לילך, בה מוליכין אותו      Talmud Makos 10b

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Days are Coming

“Days are coming… There will be a hunger in the world.  But the hunger will not be for bread, and the thirst will not be for water, but to hear the word of the living G-d.” ~ Amos 8:11 as … Continue reading

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Tisha B’Av message from the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey Dov Moshe Lipman

I settled in to watch the movie “Miracle” with the campers of Sportstar Academy where I work in the summers, expecting to see a typical sports movie. One scene in this movie, which tells the true story about the 1980 … Continue reading

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“This is a Sign!”

“Whenever things got worse, Jews would say, ‘This is a sign!  Moshiach is coming!’  But in those days, a messianic era would have meant a radical change in the natural order of things.  Today, though the human soul sleeps a … Continue reading

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G-d’s will v. Free Will

“G-d decides what shall befall a person, but not whether he will be righteous or evil.” ~ Talmud

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“You May Choose Only One of Us”

One evening there was a knock at the door and dozens of people stood outside.  The owner of the house asked them who they were.  One of them responded, “I am happiness.  He is emuna.  That one is wealth.  This … Continue reading

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Where is God?

“Where is God?  Wherever you let God in.” ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov

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The Power of Tefillah

“The power of tefillah (prayer) is so great, that if a person were to daven one single prayer with perfect concentration and the purest intent, that single prayer has the power to gather together all the other tefillos that one … Continue reading

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Even Negative Things…

“Even the most negative things in man or in the world can be exploited for the good, if one learns how to derive from it a lesson in the service of the Creator.” ~ The Baal Shem Tov

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The Only True Happiness

“There is no happiness in the world in material thing; there is only happiness in spiritual concerns.  The one who enjoys a rich spiritual life is happy.  There is no other kind of happiness in existence.  ~ R’ Eliyahu Dessler … Continue reading

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