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Complex Hedge Maze

Life is like a complex hedge maze common in the gardens of royalty, planted for amusement, the challenge being to reach a gazebo in its center… Seeking guidance from someone who has already mastered the labyrinth, who stands on the … Continue reading

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Love is a consequence of giving.  When a person gives, it is as if he is giving part of himself.  He therefore loves the recipient because he finds in him something of himself.  If his giving assumes great proportions and … Continue reading

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Who will find Divine Mercy?

Only he who has the courage to face up to his own wrongdoing and determines to change his ways will find divine mercy. ~ R’ Shlomo Zalman Breuer zt”l

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Don’t Look Elsewhere

Sometimes, the motivation to grown spiritually comes from our respect for someone else, a Tzaddik, a Talmid Chacham… But this is a mistake. We don’t need to look elsewhere to find the means to improve ourselves. Everything we need is … Continue reading

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Not Impossible

The Torah understands the depths of our nature, and reveals to us that we are indeed capable of guarding our tongues. ~ Chaftez Chaim

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15 Years!

For fifteen years, R’ Yisroel Salanter was heard confessing: “My sin is before my eyes always” for having once forgotten to check his pockets before Shabbos, and for having once forgotten to check for chometz before Pesach in the place … Continue reading

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Every Step of the Way

Once the process of your teshuvah is under way, it is as though Hashem is leading you by the hand. ~ R’ Simcha H. Benyosef — The answer to yesterday’s “Identify that Prayer” is: The Prayer for the Well-Being of … Continue reading

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