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“Without emuna, a person is doomed to a life of confusion, frustration, and costly mistakes that could have been avoided, had that person heeded Hashem’s messages.” – The Garden of Emuna Advertisements

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A drop longer that usual, but incredible!

“Suppose that the ticket agent at the airport informs us that our flight has been overbooked, and that we must wait until the next flight.  We ask ‘ Why me – can’t you bump one of the other three hundred … Continue reading

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“Love cannot be taught.  All we can hope for is that maybe we can unlearn all the hatred.  Because hatred is taught.  Love is from Heaven.  Let there be love between us.  Let us return to whatever we learned in … Continue reading

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“When we accept life’s difficulties with emuna – calmly and happily, knowing that Hashem is doing everything to help us achieve the loftiest of aspirations – we become candidates for eternal happiness and inner peace, in this world and in … Continue reading

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“Our task is to develop our spiritual antennae and to discern – by correctly processing Hashem’s personal messages to us – what Hashem wants from each of us.” – The Garden of Emuna

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“We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way.” By the way, if I ever leave out the author, … Continue reading

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“Hashem closes those doors that aren’t beneficial to our souls, yet opens the doors that lead to what’s best for each of us, to keep us on a focused and directed path in life.  Without His Divine guidance, we’d be … Continue reading

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