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Measure for Measure

The more you show compassion for others, the more Hashem will have compassion on you. ~ R’ Lazer Brody

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Is it wrong to seek Hashem’s reward?

People are misled by the Mishnah that says, “Don’t be like servants who serve their master for the sake of receiving a reward” (Pirkei Avos). That really means the reward should not be the only motivation.  Certainly a person should … Continue reading

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Shalom Bayis Tip

It is wise to keep focusing on the virtues of the person to whom you are married.  This simple idea can easily save people much heartache and strife in their marriage.  When you see the good in someone, it is … Continue reading

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We are One

The souls are all one. Only the bodies divide us. Therefore, one who places the body before the spirit can never experience true love or friendship. ~ The Alter Rebbe  

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The Only Way

Complete happiness will not come to one’s soul through gratifying physical desires.  The only way to achieve perfect happiness is to find spiritual fulfillment which leads to being satisfied with one’s material situation. ~ Mussar Hatorah

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Tried and Proven

It has been tried and proven that if a person applies himself to shemiras halashon, the more he grows accustomed to it, the easier it becomes. He will begin to notice the improper words that leave his mouth, whereas he … Continue reading

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The Chazon Ish’s Yetzer Hara

Do you want to know what my main battle with the Yetzer Hara is?  When i finish learning a sugya, with all the relevant Gemaros, mefarshim, and halachic rulings, I feel an extreme “laziness” not to channel all my thoughts … Continue reading

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