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Aggravation from Business Dealings

The one who has a high level of trust in Hashem will not have any aggravation due to his business dealings because he knows that  whatever is occurring is being orchestrated by Hashem and is for his best. ~ Chovos Halevovos

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The Image

How you treat others is how G‑d treats you. How you forgive them is how He forgives you. How you measure them is how He measures you. When you show empathy for the plight of another human being, G‑d takes … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Hashem

This past shabbos, I heard Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt quote a line I posted previously from the Rogotchover Gaon; “When I pray, I talk to God; When I learn [Torah], God talks to me.” But he added something so deep: When we … Continue reading

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Neglected Mitzvos

There are some mitzvos which are, unfortunately, so neglected that failure to observe them is not generally condemned.  Nevertheless, it is considered loshon hora to relate that a person is remiss in fulfilling that mitzvah.  ~ Guard Your Tongue

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The Chofetz Chaim’s Home

Someone once came to the Chofetz Chaim’s house to speak with him. She noticed that his house was extremely simple.  There was just a table, a few chairs and a small portable kitchen.  She asked the Chofetz Chaim, “Where is … Continue reading

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Anger Uproots Blessing

“One argument can destroy a hundred livelihoods,” wrote the Shlah HaKodesh.  That is, hatred and strife can shut down the channels of heavenly blessings, which are the very source of our sustenance.  In Likuety Moharan, Rabbi Nachman [of Breslov] explains … Continue reading

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Lacking Something

Become aware of your tendency to consider something that you are lacking to be more important than it really is. ~ R’ Yerucham Levovitz zt”l

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How to Overcome the Yeitzer Hara

A person should constantly fight against his evil inclination… If he wins, good, if not, he should study Torah.  If he wins, good, if not he should recite Krias Shema… If he wins, good, if not, he should think about … Continue reading

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Opportune Times

When a person feels his heart uplifted, he should know that this is an opportune time for him. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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Who is Poor?

Some people are so poor; all they have is money. ~ unknown

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